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[Please read] Fair Play policy - Code of Conduct in game

Discussion in 'Rules' started by The Grim Repair, 11 Oct 2017.

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  1. The Grim Repair

    The Grim Repair Community Manager

    26 Sep 2017
    Battle Bay - "Battle with Pride"
    players for players

    Code of Conduct and Fair Play Policy

    In Battle Bay we believe all players should have the best game experience possible - whether that is during matches or interacting with others in chats and guilds.
    We know our community has amazingly dedicated players who want to make the game even better!

    To ensure everyone can enjoy a friendly environment, this fair play policy helps to show what behavior we do not condone and we see as misconduct.
    Below you can find a comprehensive list of most common items, yet it's not exhaustive.

    A full list of the behavior that will not be tolerated in our game can be found in the Rovio End User License Agreement and our Terms and Conditions.

    Consequences of misconduct and list of unaccepted behavior

    Here are the general topics you can report directly in game and should be easy to follow. For those who want more details please read the end of this post.
    • Floating (being AFK in battle)
    • Chat behaviour
    • Harassment
    • Cheating
    For those who would like a deeper understanding of what is considered cheating or exploiting in Battle Bay - below you can find the most commonly discussed cases.
    Of course, the obvious rule of thumb is: Don’t cheat and play fair, - Cheaters will get scrapped!

    Gross misconduct and exploitation
    • Intentional losing
    • Infamy boosting (Win trading)
    • Intentional exploitation of in game bugs and mechanics
    • Using third party software
    Accounts found to breach any of the above listed misconduct will face actions including but not limited to:
    • Temporary or permanent chat silence
    • Temporary account suspension
    • Permanent account suspension
    • Revoked any gain falsely obtained
    The same consequences can apply to making false reports.

    We have zero tolerance against:
    • Hacking
    • Scamming
    • Highly inappropriate harassment
    These actions will lead to an immediate permanent ban.

    We will not haggle about the length of account bans/suspensions nor provide support for accounts that have been involved in foul play and severe misbehavior.

    How can I report unacceptable behavior?

    Generally, please use the in-game report function, it is easy to use and allows us to act as quickly as possible:
    Select the player name you want to report → select “report” menu → select type of behaviour you want to report and write a description → select Report.

    In severe edge cases where you feel you want to explain more details you can report replays directly from the battle end screen (it will automatically send us the replay battle tag!). You can also provide context for more complex cases to Moderators directly via the forum or our Player Support.

    When reporting a player for potential foul play during battle it’s best to provide us the battle tag for that particular battle and a brief description of the issue so we know what to look for.

    We will not follow up on or discuss the outcome of those reports with you, but rest assured, this is a great help in making our community a fairer and safer environment as we will be able to take action much faster.

    A last call out:
    Public naming and shaming is not condoned - so any public posts reporting players either by name or replay will be closed and not followed up upon.

    We do appreciate each and every one of your direct messages and are happy to have such an interactive and caring community - let’s keep it fair together! :)

    List of unacceptable chat behavior and harassment

    This is not an exhaustive list but serves as a guide when reporting.

    Chat Behavior:
    General misconduct in a chat environment; offending other players and purposely spoiling their game experience.
    • Spamming and advertising
    • Encouraging others to break the rules
    • Using profanity
    • Threatening self-harm or harming others
    Any abusive behavior targeting an individual or a group of people.
    • Phishing for personal contact or account details
    • Impersonating a Battle Bay/Rovio employee
    • Naming of guilds or user names to harass an individual or group of people
    • Defaming people or groups of people publicly
    • Expressing hatred towards ethnicity and/or religion
    • Expressing hatred towards sexual orientation
    • Discussing sexual content or violence

    Guild Responsibility - Read about it here

    How do we deal with reports?

    There are many different ways in how we deal with reports in game or from other channels, however, in all severe cases, like cheating or extreme harassment, we manually review them.

    As there is always room for human error - if you believe a suspension was unwarranted, please always contact our Player Support and they will look into it for you. Suspension discussions have no place in the forum, so please stay clear of creating them.

    We won't go into any greater detail for game safety reasons, however, as your humble servants - and strong believers in the fact that we all sit in the same boat! - we are taking reports seriously and are willing to double check in exceptional circumstances.
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