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Community and You - Fair play battle

Discussion in 'Rules' started by The Grim Repair, 3 Mar 2018.

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  1. The Grim Repair

    The Grim Repair Community Manager

    26 Sep 2017
    What Community means for us
    Being part of the Battle Bay community means to meet people from different countries, time zones and ways of life. What brings us together is the fun we have in the bay, exchanging tactics, set ups and trying out new fits, weapons and boats. We have a strong competitive core - sharing the gaming spirit of never giving up! We lose some, we win some. But most of all - we enjoy the battles with our friends fellow players.

    Guild responsibility and foul play consequences

    When you join a guild - you are part of a tighter group of the whole Bay. Every guild leader has a great responsibility leading that group and ensuring that everyone is playing nice and fair.

    Fair play is - the essence of what makes competition good. If we feel others don't play by the rules or try to bend, circumvent or ignore them - the competition becomes foul and not fun anymore.

    With this we want to call out that, going forward, any individual or guild who will in any way not play to the best of their abilities or is found to systematically play the system - will get suspended from the game.
    This applies to anything that can be remotely classified as win-trading, as well as actions such as not attacking your guild mate on Unfriends, not healing your rivalry guild opponent in your own team, intentional losing or suiciding. The list is not exhaustive and we will not provide full details of any foul play - as it should be an unspoken trust that everyone will play fair and win with pride. So that when there is a winner - we can all be proud and celebrate with them.

    Nobody is exempt from the consequences of foul play - no one has a free pass just because they are in the top guilds. Guild leaders - it is your responsibility to keep your guilds in line and ensure every member understands that - yes, teamwork and family is what a guild can mean - however, what it not means, is to win by any means necessary and the cost of your honor. Maybe you don't want to play honorably - that is fine, but then the Bay is not the place for you.

    For reference, please read also our fair play rules, if you haven't yet.

    What can I do?
    We have dealt with all the reports we have received and continue to do so - now with an even stricter eye.
    Please keep reporting players that are not playing fair - and add in your descriptions exactly why / what you observed.
    We then ensure that appropriate actions are taken.
    Edit: False reports will also receive suspensions - so always be accurate and truthful.

    The Battle Bay community is what we make of it. What every individual and Guild makes it to be. Let's make it fun and fair - as simple as that.

    - Grim -
  2. CaffeinatedChris

    CaffeinatedChris MVP

    4 Aug 2017
    Important Follow-Up:
    Posts in the forum that encourage behavior in violation of the Fair Play policy will be edited or removed.
    Fight hard and play fair.
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