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Win Lose or Draw?

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by ViscountSniffit, 3 Nov 2017.

  1. ViscountSniffit

    ViscountSniffit Well-Known Member

    3 Sep 2017
    So, a couple of days ago I was left in a 2 v 1 with a Shooter and a mk5 Defender. I was able to kill the shooter, but was heavily damaged (fewer than 100hp). However, I managed to run away from the Defender, and get a draw.

    After the game I realised he was running two mortars and a torp (which I kind of knew), and it occurred to me that if I’d hung inside his torp range, it would have been quite difficult for him to damage me (could I have won that game?).

    Earlier today, it happened again. I was left in 3 v 1 against a Shooter, Defender (mk4), and Fixer. I was able to finish off the Fixer and the Shooter, but was, again, heavily damaged (124hp), and left in a 1v1 with a 5khp Defender. Again, I ran away and got a draw.

    This time the Defender was running Tri-Torps and a Rail Gun (which I’d figured out during the game).

    I guess if I was ‘very’ careful, I could have hung inside his torp arming range, and tried to avoid the railgun using stun and circling behind his turret, though there wouldn’t have been much room for error.

    What is the correct move in that situation? As a speeder, is it worth duelling it out with a Defender, when you’re that low on hp; or would you just ‘play it safe’ and take the draw?
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  2. WaveRider_

    WaveRider_ Member

    26 Oct 2017
    go in for the kill if you reckon there's a chance; more fun and can be humiliating for the other team if you DO win. Besides, it is just one loss; IF you lose?

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