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Why Am I Matched With People Who's Infamy Is 900 Points Less Than Mine???

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Jamel H., 3 Jul 2018.

  1. Jamel H.

    Jamel H. Active Member

    29 Oct 2017
    I play this game every single day and when I'm not matched up with a floater, I'm matched up with players who are 900 points (or more) lower than myself in infamy.

    If I can't fleet with someone with 800 less infamy than my own, why are you throwing me in matches with people who have 2500 Infamy when my infamy is 3575? This is just stupid! I play to get higher infamy so I can reach nightmare league and earn legendary resources, but I only end up playing with less skilled players with low infamy. You will not improve matchmaking..... you will not fix the ads.... you can't fix floaters..... and game progression is slow as heck unless you spend a fortune. This is the most frustrating game ever and games are supposed to be fun!
    Last edited: 3 Jul 2018
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  2. Terry Morgan

    Terry Morgan Well-Known Member

    26 May 2017
    Maybe you are outplaying or better yet out equiping your infamy! If you equip high gear score items and yet your captain training level is lower in relation, then you will be matched higher due to your load out. Training is super important the higher infamy you go, so if your load out outgrows training, you will be matched higer but with a disadvantage in talents learned.

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