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where is it ?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Kurd1stan., 2 Aug 2018.

  1. Kurd1stan.

    Kurd1stan. Well-Known Member

    13 Sep 2017
    IMG_20180802_233047.jpg i have been playing since 9/aug and like you can see at 9/aug it is not showing the "epic container " (it should be shown because i/everyone should be rewarded an epic container for playing this game for a whole year ) is it a bug or devs wantit to be like a surprise and it wont be shown till 9/aug ?

    but seriously everyone should be given an epic container if he played BB for a year :rolleyes:.
    especially for someone who has played 15k battle in less than a year and never opened any epic container.
    Last edited: 2 Aug 2018
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  2. StrictSalmon307

    StrictSalmon307 Well-Known Member

    31 Dec 2017
    Professional student
    I want one too :p:p
    Can't wait to get weapons that I don't use!
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