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what tdm has done for the bay

Discussion in 'The World of Battle Bay' started by Alpakaa, 5 Dec 2018.

  1. Alpakaa

    Alpakaa Member

    22 Dec 2017
    Student and part-Time Alpaca
    and no, this is not a rant, I will try and keep this as un-rant-y as possible. for example, if I say that people don't cooperate, I'm saying it out of what I have actually experienced, not because im salty about this one game that i lost.

    in my opinion, having played around 4k battles and my highest infamy that i had ever reached was 1800 (not impressive, i know, shut up i have a life), so not sure if my opinion has much credit here, but I think tdm has kind of ruined any kind of skill that players have really ever had. This is MOSTLY for lower infamy players, therefore newer players, therefore people who we want in the community. I have no IDEA what's it's like up there in nightmare league. anyways, my reasoning is:
    In an infamy battle 5v5,
    You have movement, teamwork, builds, strategy, and you dont respawn, so you have to conserve your hitpoints. basically, if you don't have good items, you can still climb the leaderboard. it's all skill.

    In a TDM match, oh boy,
    People don't really care if they die, so they are not anywhere as near close to conserving hitpoints as they are in an infamy battle.
    Most games just end up with both teams in a tiny tiny little ball near the center of the map because this is TDM. When people realize they can respawn, and they have to deal as much damage as possible, they don't really realize that they still have to be smart about their map movement. They just rush right into the enemy's faces with the intention of 'im going to deal as much damage as possible! its foolproof.' but that doesn't exactly work..

    Bascially, TDM gives people this feeling of power and immortality which leads them to make CRAZY and irrational decisions. In actuality, it's a good idea to play it slow, which never happens in TDM. There is the problem.

    PROBLEM #2 that is really bugging me about TDM
    Rovio decides to make there be a TDM for every day of the darn week with crazy delicious perk/ship coin prizes if you grind hard enough and sweat like a pig. Most people do not have the time/patience/skill to grind that hard that fast. This is TOTALLY FINE, except for the fact that Rovio decides to make TDMs happen constantly. There's no break where you can chillax and go back for some infamy gaining. you always feel pressured to play the TDM games because of the rewards. This just creates more and more people spending more and more time playing TDM, and losing all of their past skill/sense that they have gained, one brain cell at a time.

    OK fine, what do I want done about all this if i make a huge thread about it?
    1. make tdm games happen less often. easy. I believe that would solve the majority of the issue that I am seeing, which I've stated above. People spending too much time playing TDM and totally forgetting how to play decently.

    You do realize you can play TDM intelligently, right? You can have teamwork and strategy and all that in TDM.
    Sure, but there's a huge lack in it from what I've seen. Usually the team with a person with a legendary item or very powerful item wins because they can just get in there and shove their weight around. I'm sure it's not just me but down here with low level items and ships you rarely see a person play well using tactics they have learned and used in regular infamy gaining matches. Which is kind of why I made thsi thread with my theory.

    anyways no hate please. i understand about how 'skill is the only way to win' and everything. but... just hear me out. humor me thanks, share your opinions like decent human beans now
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  2. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe Moon's haunted

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    Could people stop eating us?

    Jokes aside, yeah, you're 100% right. However, TDM can be turned into a trainjng ground if people are willing to gain skills back. I recommend personal challenges, like only playing from long range, strategically debuffing enemies and as such.
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  3. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    Training ground for what, the next event? This game has lost its way.

    All seriousness aside, I agree, Events should be the training ground rather than *the* game. Without Infamy this game has even less value than Pokemon, which simply caters to the collector mentality.
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  4. Major Major

    Major Major Active Member

    28 May 2017
    The biggest effect of TDM is that it takes forever to get a regular game started. I am spending more time waiting for a game to start, than I am playing.
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