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Weapon Preview / Training Grounds / Quality Content / Custom Matchmaking V2 / Casual Mode

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by NoTtIaN, 27 Jun 2018.


What do YOU like most?

  1. offline mode

  2. bot fights

  3. item balancing

  4. minimal loot

  5. no losing infamy

  6. features

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  1. NoTtIaN

    NoTtIaN Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2017
    Make posts
    In your bed, computer, and screen
    Silimar to PUBG, I think BB should have that feature.

    << F E A T U R E S >>
    In this gamemode, you get to select ANY MK 1-7 ship.
    You get infinite weapons, sugar, and parts to upgrade your weapons
    You can battle bots, or real people for rewards and FUN.
    You will be able to select difficulties for fighting, and rewards will be based on that
    You win loot is 12 000 gold, 6 000 sugar X league rewards in regular fights.
    You will be able to battle in 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5.
    << M A T C H M A K I N G >>
    With the gear socre you currently have, you will face other ships within 2000 gear score - like 8k ship faces 7-9k GS ships.
    With bots, all bot ships will equip all random items, and ships
    << P R O S >>
    The devs can see and tweak weapons.
    People will be able to know the usage rates of items
    You can 1 v 1 people to get good fighting experience
    This will make an 'offline' mode to battle bay, which some people have been asking for.

    << C O N S >>
    Because it's currently a new mode, matchmaking might take a longer while.
    People will be able to farm rewards way too quickly with bots
    << B O T S >>
    There are 5 modes, Easy, Medium, Hard, Hardcore, and Impossible.
    For the bot rewards, they are :
    Easy = 3 000 gold, 1 500 sugar X league bonus - Ships will move at 50% speed, They will occasionally shoot, They will try to move as close to you as possible
    Medium = 5 000 gold, 2 500 sugar, X league bonus - Ships will move at 65% speed, Sometimes aim over you, They will try to fight close brawls
    Hard = 8 000 gold, 4 000 sugar X league bonus - Ships will move at 80% speed, They will lead their mortars, They will keep their distance,
    Hardcore = 12 000 gold, 6 000 sugar X league bonus - Ships will move at 95% speed, They will lead their cannon shots, They will hide if theyre weak
    Impossible = 30 000 gold, 15 000 sugar X league bonus - Ships will move at 110% speed, All projectiles shot will hit you, Weak ships will always hide behind tankier ones. Smart item choices will be made
    If you lose you won't gain any rewards
    << G O O D > >
  2. #CK

    #CK Active Member

    23 Jul 2017
    drone pilot
  3. d_p air

    d_p air Member

    30 Sep 2017
    Any mode, where game doesn't punish you with infamy loss in case of a loss, will be very good for BB.
  4. super_sonic181

    super_sonic181 Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2017
    Somewhere on EARTH!
    I would suggest something like Training Ground! Where you can fight against bot and try any weapon of your wish and any ship but it won't give any reward or stars or Infamy but 20-30XP per training Battle would be Great

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