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Want an active guild that fleets together!!!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by FlashPara, 31 Aug 2017.

  1. FlashPara

    FlashPara New Member

    5 Jul 2017
    Hey guys, i just hope the forums work well for recruitment as they did in other games for me.
    Well, i got addicted to this game and here i am, having 2 accounts, 1st account exp 24- shooter and fixer mainly - would be shifting to speeder gameplay in near future and 2nd account is still a baby, exp 13 speeder oriented. I need a guild that has active members , who have an active chat log and also have experienced players who could show path to their young padavans :)
    Also it would be appreciated if they would be able to fleet with me . I mean whats the purpose of guild if there are no guild wars ,ehhh.
    And yes, i dont need promotions,lol.
    Strong guild families would be preferred.
    Thank you for giving my thread your precious battling time.

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