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Patch Notes v. 4.0 "Ships Ahoy!"

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Zeus, 18 Oct 2018.

  1. Zeus

    Zeus Developer

    4 Apr 2017
    QA Lead
    Helsinki, Finland
    Ships ahoy!

    • New ships incoming – Say hello to the Interceptor!
    • New talent trees, rebalancing of items & talents
      • Crew talents replaced with item talents
    • New ship upgrade system
      • Ship marks replaced with ship levels
    • New Ship Shop
      • Buy ships from ship shop instead of shipyard
      • Shipyard only shows owned ships
    • New icon
    • Better support for iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR
      • Changes in chat UI, hamburger menu and fleet commands due to this
    • Botmaps (1,2,3) new lightmaps and arrow signs + texture update


    • Crew talents have been removed and replaced with item specific talents.
    • Care Package talents have been removed, the bonus is now integrated directly into care package bonuses in the captain’s journey.
    • All talents that provide bonuses directly for ships have been removed. HP talents have been integrated directly into ships as well as a rebalance for Small and Big Shield. Agility and speed bonuses from talents have been removed (See Ship and Item balance notes).
    • New talents have been added to most items.

    • Base Ship HP has been raised to 300% of its original starting health.
    • Max Ship Base HP has been increased. This means a Level 50 ship now has more base HP than the old Mk7 ship. This bonus comes from losing the ship specific crew talents.
    • Speed bonuses have been integrated into the base stat of ships. All ships start now with the base speed equivalent of an old Mk 6 ship.

    • Gatling Gun improved by having it not trigger global cooldown. You can use another item immediately after using Gatling Gun.
    • Base Damage Raised of all items to align with the HP raise for ships. Legendary Level 50 items stats remain the same. Yellow items and Turbo are not affected by this change. Gearscore has been adjusted accordingly. On a linear scale, this means Common level 1 items have their base stats raised as follows:
    The reduction in power difference between lowest level items and highest level items is a big change that will affect players at all levels. We hope that this will even the playing field a little bit and make battles more about player skill than the power of their items.

    Special Notes:
    • Small Shield and Big Shield have had their base stat raised a lot more to account for the loss of the HP gains from the removal of ship talents. Ship talents used to give a double bonus to HP gains by affecting the shields as well. This is not the case anymore. At Legendary level 50, Small shield has a new base of 1200 HP (old 724 HP) and Big Shield of 1600 HP (old 1208 HP).

    Migration for Ships
    • All ships will migrate to a higher HP level than their previous counterpart. The following table shows where your ships will land:

    Migration Crew Talents
    • Migration of your old progress will be moved into the new trees of the items that used to match with that crew member. The progress is matched as close to the new trees as possible and you will receive all the talents up to the matching level. You will not lose any progress. If you had a crew member fully trained, you will receive ALL the talents on the new trees.
    • XP earned and captain levels gained do not change.

    Example: Bhurt will give you unlocks of talents in Cannon, Blast Cannon, Explosive Cannon and Sniper Cannon. If you trained him to Level 30, you will get ALL the talents from each item talent tree. If you trained him to level 15, you would receive 50% of the progress on all matching item talent trees.


    • Fine tuned the engines and overboost sounds
    • Changed item talent-menu ambience-sfx from crew mumbling to shipyard workshop noise.
    • Make result sharing always use fixed size and layout for the screenshot.
    • Prices always shown in white, even with insufficient resources
    • New shop background
    • Show captain level requirement next to talents in talents view.
    • Fix DPS calculation for Gatling Gun.
    • Selecting a guild quest now closes that guild quest window
    • Improved rivalry matchmaking, taking individual players more into account
    • Added animation sequences for purchasing and upgrading ships
    • Hurrying currently training talent can be done straight from train button of other item
    • Gatling Gun no longer triggers global cooldown
    • Guild join throttle - Added to prevent over-rotation of members in rivalries
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed tapping premium boxes in captain’s journey showing empty contents.
    • Fixed half resolution setting not working on some devices.
    Known issues
    • iPhone XS Max doesn’t run in full resolution but uses iPhone XS’s resolution instead

    Update Q&A

    Question: I have everything maxed out, will I lose anything with the update?
    Answer: In short, no. Anything that is maxed out will be maxed out, anything else will be migrated to a roughly equivalent level.

    Question: “Is the strategizing of which item to train or not train dead?”
    Answer: No you will still have to pick and choose which item tree to focus on and which item you want to prioritize, you just won’t have to compromise on particular talents. So for example you would choose to train sniper first rather than having to choose between a sniper or a blast.

    Question: Where is the crew going?
    Answer: The crew is hard at work inside the ships. Bhurt also has a side gig teaching new captains in the tutorial.

    Question: Is training multiple things possible?
    Answer: No, all players can only train one talent at a time currently.

    Question: How expensive is training cost/time for each item?
    Answer: It should be comparable to the current version.

    Question: “im curious if many trainings will be completed because im lvl 46 and all mk6.surely we don't have to start over the training?”

    Answer: Your overall progress will transfer across to the new system, you might gain a talent here or there and lose one here or there but overall your net progress should be positive.

    Question: “What about ship levels? How are they going to convert our current mks to equivalent levels?”
    Answer: Please see the migration chart posted above.

    Question: “I imagine that each of those trainings will be a separate item in the carronade tree. No conflict anymore, I guess?”
    Answer: There will be no more conflicts in talents, either in the Carronade tree or otherwise!

    Question: Can we get any of our scrapped items back due to weapon path choices?
    Answer: Unfortunately, no.

    Question: If we have a MK 7 ship what will it become?
    Answer: A level 50!

    Question: “Those pearls we spent on expanding inventory slots, would we get them back?”
    Answer: Nothing is changing with inventories in the update.

    Question: Do we have to start training our weapons from Level 0 ?
    Answer: No your previous progress will transfer to the new system.

    13 ducks were killed in the making of this update
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  2. ViscountSniffit

    ViscountSniffit Well-Known Member

    3 Sep 2017

    This update looks fantastic. Thank you guys. It was totally worth the wait! :)
    Last edited: 18 Oct 2018

    HAPPY SITHSHA Well-Known Member

    24 Feb 2018
    A Place that u could never imagine :P
    Hooray! Finally, we got this Colourful Update!!

    #LET'S CELEBRATE :);):cool:
    Last edited: 18 Oct 2018

    HAPPY SITHSHA Well-Known Member

    24 Feb 2018
    A Place that u could never imagine :P
    Yes,I'm the first to give like to the patch notes of update 4.0 and I'm the second to comment here.
    @ViscountSniffit beat me lol:p:D
    Last edited: 18 Oct 2018
  5. JhonnyNS

    JhonnyNS Active Member

    18 Oct 2017
    Yeeeee \o/
  6. Olibooger

    Olibooger Active Member

    2 Aug 2017
    Freelance Bum
    Mojave, California
  7. KenZer

    KenZer Member

    6 Apr 2017
    Finally! The wait is over! :)
    Good job to you guys! This is going to be amazing! :)
    Kurd1stan. likes this.
  8. Sifa

    Sifa Well-Known Member

    6 Apr 2017
    Awesomeness :)
  9. HappyUnicorn10

    HappyUnicorn10 Member

    5 Sep 2018
    Thanks admin
  10. YerJokinArnYer

    YerJokinArnYer MVP

    1 Oct 2017
    Shame about the ducks, but at least their sacrifice wasn’t in vain. :p
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  11. "har"Smash until the end

    "har"Smash until the end Well-Known Member

    5 Apr 2017
    Somewhere in the earth
    Finally!the waiting is over!
  12. Suraj69k

    Suraj69k Member

    24 May 2018
    Software geek and developer
    Delhi, India
    Yes yes yes yes yes
  13. Aether_Zero

    Aether_Zero Well-Known Member

    6 Feb 2018
    Awesome! Now just gotta wait for server maintenance to be finished, and then we can get back to wreckin' ships!
    Great work Devs!
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  14. Kurd1stan.

    Kurd1stan. Well-Known Member

    13 Sep 2017
    i knew it .
    Last edited: 18 Oct 2018
  15. Fixer sa Recto

    Fixer sa Recto Well-Known Member

    25 Jul 2017
    i just hoped it doesnt need tons of gold to level up ships. saw in the video from level 32 to 33 cost around 1.19mil

    roughly 60mil to level 50 each ship haha! good luck to us
  16. Ahepic

    Ahepic Member

    12 Apr 2018
    What will happen if there is a talant in progress , i passed 4 days and left 2 days to finish it, will all this time be lost for this talant?!
  17. QuaCKeReD

    QuaCKeReD Member

    8 May 2017
    West Midlands, UK
    Now, if only the server would come out of maintenance :p
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  18. JhonnyNS

    JhonnyNS Active Member

    18 Oct 2017
    All my ships go to 50... I loved hahaha
  19. Grand_Paladin

    Grand_Paladin Active Member

    14 Feb 2018
    What are ship pieces,,, and how can we get them?

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