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Patch Notes v. 2.8 "From Battle Bay with Love!"

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Miika, 13 Feb 2018.

  1. Jowiee

    Jowiee Active Member

    4 Aug 2017
    It's last week's highest activity and if there's no activity the week before, it's the average.
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  2. I fix ur boats

    I fix ur boats New Member

    11 Mar 2018
    I'm a fixer better be worth it!!
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  3. Ravindra Singh

    Ravindra Singh New Member

    17 Aug 2017
    U r improving guild rivalry.... tasks pattern... good
    U punish people who cheat and lower their infamy... good..
    But what about your poor match making... by which I come down to 2k from 3k.... even after getting 2 stars in matches.. i lost. . Its clear that u blocked us.. then in that case y rewards not given... we r not come to this level by choice but by ur match fixing pattern...
    It hurts double... 1st ubr loosing... even after doing everything right.. coz ur 4 teammates are super dumb... u have to win by playing 1 vs5
    2nd u r not also getting rewards for no reason..
    If u don't want us to play... say straight forward...
    But please dont be biased...
    U can see my matches .. and decide
    Hope u will look into thid matter..
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  4. Ovidmikel

    Ovidmikel Active Member

    3 Aug 2017
    I have to agree on being punished by rovios match making .I can frail with losing but having my reward cut when I playing hard ad I can every battle is unacceptable and make me want to quit the game. I stayed at 36 to 3800 infamy for over a month then all of the sudden I drop 1000 infamy and can't climb above 3000 to save my life all the while my reward cut. The only change in my setup was getting stronger although alot slow because of cut reward . heal almost 40 k do 5000 damage and get 0 stars and 10k gold is ridiculous . and that not at 2800 infamy seal clubbing its while fleeting and battling higher infamy .we get badges pop up in game showing nice shot team heal so how would it be so hard to tell if someone is rally battling or trying to tank infamy .. Put s floor on i fumy drop if you make 3000 ace you not drop below 3000 4000 don't drop below 4000 it would put an end to need for seal club penalty's because people couldn't tank and seal club . or at least be like it is. Being demoted from nightmare be demoted if at season end you haven't climbed above your floor . Its very frustrating and mote honest played are being penalized than clobbers im almost positive of . in my guild alone 5 or 6 are threatening to quit over reduce rewards and I assure you they battle as hard as possible every battle. And most stopped buying VIP over it and decided no mote spending period . that in my guild alone and it can't be were the only guild experiencing this and not one player but 1/4 of the guild anyhow listen or don't its yells revenue your killing
  5. PastelPiku

    PastelPiku Well-Known Member

    27 Jan 2018
    We should look to rewarding players for staying at high infamy rather than punishing them for falling. The reward should be good enough to discourage intentional tanking. @TheAntiSnipe had a great idea of making better star crates for better leagues that require stars won in that league.

    Imo the current star crate is perfect for Warrior league, the Challenger one should have no chance of yielding epics and rarely rares, while Master and up should give better chance at rare and epic. Ace should have an extremely slim chance of getting a legendary item piece and commons and uncommons should disappear from star crates around Ace or NM.
  6. HARPO!

    HARPO! Well-Known Member

    21 Nov 2017
    I’m a Performer! Television and Stage!
    Yeah, I’ve been at ace for 4 months now, no special rewards, except 3 first place trophies
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  7. Alpakaa

    Alpakaa Member

    22 Dec 2017
    Student and part-Time Alpaca
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  8. Babablacksheep

    Babablacksheep Well-Known Member

    27 May 2017
    Take a break for a week when you get extremely hard opponents, it will make matching easier the succeeding rivalry
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