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Balancing v. 2.6 "Experienced Captains"

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Stebbi, 14 Nov 2017.

  1. Stebbi

    Stebbi Developer

    3 Apr 2017
    Design Lead
    Aye aye, captains!
    Todays update brings with it some much needed balancing changes and I wanted to walk you through them so you can better understand what we did and why.

    You can find the full list of patch notes here

    1. Frost
    Let's start with the most pressing issue, the frost-torp problem.
    • Damaging a frozen target removes frost effects.
      • Reason: Before, damage would cut down the remaining duration by 50%. In practice, this still left players completely vulnerable for long enough to be destroyed
      • Reason: Freezing enemies is a very powerful ability and when combined with damage bonuses from talents and perks, it was starting to warp the metagame a bit too much.
    • Frost Blaster
      • Effect talents reduced from +10% to +5% each
        • End result: total bonus from talents reduced from 50% to 25%
        • Reason: The Frost Blaster effect was way too powerful, especially at the higher end. This change brings it down a bit and we will be keeping a close eye on this to see if further reduction is needed later.
    • Frost Launcher
      • Base slow effect increased (except Legendary)
        • End result: Frost Launchers have higher effect at lower levels, but the maximum effect is unchanged (common level 1 goes from 10% slowdown to 20%)
        • Reason: Frost Launchers had too low starting effect and were practically useless at the lower levels.
      • Minimum Range increased by 130%
        • End result: You cannot hit a ship that is right next to you with Frost Launcher
        • Reason: Frost Launcher was effective at too many ranges. Like the mortars, it was never meant as a short range item, so now it won't be.
      • Flight time of projectile increased by 16,5%
        • Reason: The large area of effect plus the low flight time made the effect almost impossible to dodge. This change makes it slightly more possible to get out of the way.
    • Talents that increase damage to frozen targets
      • All "damage to frozen" talents changed from 10% to 5% (both Mortars and Torpedoes)
      • 1 additional "damage to slowed" talent added to Mortimer level 15 and Sinklair level 7
      • End result: The total available damage bonus to frozen targets from talents is reduced for all Mortars and Torpedoes
      • Reason: These talents were originally created to enable creative combos in the metagame.. In retrospect, the bonus is too large for something that doesn't take much effort and lately, these have become too dominant in the metagame, so we are reducing this combo bonus.
    2. Burn
    Frost isn't the only overpowered thing in the metagame, so we feel that some changes to the burning bonuses are also warranted:
    • Talents that increase damage to burning targets
      • All "damage to burning" talents changed from 10% to 5%
      • 1 additional "damage to burning" talent added to Bhurt level 17
      • End result: The total available damage bonus to burning targets from talents is reduced for all Cannons
      • Reason: These talents were originally created to enable creative combos in the metagame.. in retrospect, the bonus is too large for something that doesn't take much effort
    • Explosive Cannon
      • Splash damage reduced from 100% of base damage to 75% of base damage
        • Reason: Explosive Cannon was too versatile, especially on speeders that can control the range and timing of the shots very accurately. This change should make it less useful in some situations

    3. Ships
    We felt it was time to make some improvements to the early gameplay experience especially looking at the feedback we got around battle matching and power imbalances. To address this, we have changed all the Mk1 and Mk2 ships to have more item slots to work with. This means more weapons and more damage, so we bumped up the hp a bit as well (except for the Defender which was already pretty dominant at the lower levels).
    • Shooter
      • Mk1: +1 red slot, +1 red slot point, +150 hp
      • Mk2: +1 blue slot, +1 blue slot point, +100 hp
    • Speeder
      • Mk1: +1 red slot, +1 red slot point, +100 hp
      • Mk2: +1red slot, +1 yellow slot point, +20hp
      • Mk4: +50 hp (the last hp nerf to this ship was a bit too harsh ;))
    • Enforcer
      • Mk1: +1 red slot, +2 red slot points, -1 yellow slot point, +50hp
      • Mk2: +1 yellow slot, +1 red slot point, +120 hp
    • Defender
      • Mk1: +1 blue slot, +2 blue slot points
      • Mk2: +1 blue slot, +1 red slot point
    • Fixer
      • Mk1: +1 yellow slot, +1 yellow slot point, +150 hp
      • Mk2: +1 green slot, +1 green slot point, +150 hp
    4. Bug FIxes
    • Mortars and missiles double damage bug
      • Fixed a bug where mortars and missiles would sometimes deal double damage to enemies when they first hit a friendly ship
    • Tesla bolt repair blocking bug
      • Fixed a but where breaking a stun would not remove the repair blocking ability of the stun
    Last edited by a moderator: 14 Nov 2017
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  2. TheFixer27

    TheFixer27 Well-Known Member

    6 Sep 2017
    A boat
    My phone
    First reply!!! So excited;)
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  3. Crashedup

    Crashedup Well-Known Member

    3 Aug 2017
    Finally the changes that were much needed.
    Really good balancing changes for both combos.
    And hats off to devs for balancing ships at lower levels hopes it improves the gaming experiencing for new players now.
    This balance is highly appreciated
  4. Kitterini

    Kitterini Well-Known Member

    5 Apr 2017
    Burst damage decreasing abit is great (in particular for Fixers!)
    Lower fire+frost burst seems fair, Exp aoe nerf also. Slightly surprised that Sniper made it through untouched.
    Frost Launcher nerf seems harsh, the fight time was its strong point and I cant recall even 1 situation where I felt that item was gamebreaking. Not convinced that it needed a nerf.

    Frost Blaster on the other hand was absurd - Without knowing actual numbers my only comment is that these nerfs doesnt directly target the gamebreaking aspect of the Frost Blaster. The min. speed you can get slowed to is what needed a change, what you did now looks like a nerf to f2p frost Blasters, while the broken glue effect remains in place for whales. (But again, I dont have numbers for how easy it is to bring ships to 0.32 now).
  5. A55A51N

    A55A51N Well-Known Member

    1 Jun 2017
    So the stun-like effect braking isn’t enough? Because that takes down a lot of frosttorp hits with the bonus that also got nerfed. I’m pretty ok with that as a frosttorp user, but more would be too much.
  6. Babablacksheep

    Babablacksheep Well-Known Member

    27 May 2017
    Frost launcher was uncalled for sure!!!,but it's definitely not harsh.Since before projectile speed increase(buffed 15% in one of the prev updates),you could accurately hit to all classes except speeder,due to humongous radius.So well, after that buff ,could hit launcher by leading shots on speeders too.Which in this update was SOLVED

    Also the main turf,The slowing effect is untouched (ONLY FOR LAUNCHER)
    Also if you check ISAK talent tree, projectile speed gains are Quite good end game and if you used frost you will also notice that there a very few places were launcher couldn't be used(Less curved projectile compared to mortar,just like naplam)

    So I by this I can say for this pretty sure,that it didn't req nerf for being OP.But that thing is quite easy to USE , without risking much HP, while you can stick an entire enemy team without having to lead shot(SOLID radius)

    Great Update devs over-all

    Still Expecting an enforcer BUFF at higher MKs And also BALANCE of Tesla SHIELDS based on rarities(Rare needing some improvements)
    Last edited: 14 Nov 2017
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  7. Godlike

    Godlike New Member

    14 Nov 2017
    Frost launcher on lower end might have been weak, but if you ever played against Peelah you know how game breaking it was at the upper end
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  8. Shadow Moon!

    Shadow Moon! Well-Known Member

    24 Jul 2017
    Nerfs will make FB useless in early part of the games and damage to frozen targets too. I don't use that combo but when I see a speeder using it I have seen most of the the speeder ends up dieing for just landing 1 torpedo.
  9. Joey who

    Joey who Well-Known Member

    11 Jun 2017
    Mk2 enforcer buff. Super excited
  10. ViscountSniffit

    ViscountSniffit Well-Known Member

    3 Sep 2017
    Yeah it’s just so easy for me to wander right up to a big group of unfriends and Explosive Cannon them all... That’s not dangerous at all :rolleyes:

    Heaven forbid I ‘might’ hit more than one ship, while outnumbered, with only two weapons.

    I mean, I like the Blast Cannon and all, but I’m not sure how I feel about the new 2 slot version.

    Remind me again how sniper isn’t too versatile?

    “Oh look there is a red dot on the horizon > click > 1500! Damage”

    “Oh look there is a speeder right next to me > click > 1500! Damage”
    BasedCarpen likes this.
  11. DizzyBrah

    DizzyBrah Member

    5 Aug 2017
    Another nerf for speeders!
    It will take months gathering resources to level up a new weapon to replace my lvl 40 big torpedo.
    Looks like a big infamy drop for me!
  12. Miku Da Yo 39

    Miku Da Yo 39 Well-Known Member

    29 Jun 2017
    The Tesla bug is patched, thank God!
    Need verification on whether the Frost and Flare Heal Debuff Stacking was changed. Allowing debuffs to stack is breaking the game. 2 Frosts equating 100% Heal negation? If it was intended explain why?
    TheFixer27 likes this.
  13. Kitterini

    Kitterini Well-Known Member

    5 Apr 2017
    I've been slowed by Peelah plenty :) Strong absolutety, but broken? It needs to be competitive vs other yellow items.
    Unlike Frost Blaster you have time to prepare, duration is shorter and you can still move :)
    Stelmo likes this.
  14. Kitterini

    Kitterini Well-Known Member

    5 Apr 2017
    Thank god they dont put too much emphasis on temporary low level balance then :) Unlike endgame where you remain, you outlevel the early game imbalances.
  15. Zerolive

    Zerolive Well-Known Member

    11 Jul 2017
    With every update there is nerf to poor speeder. RNGs have been blessing me with yellow items. My frost torp combo:(:(:(
  16. Shadow Moon!

    Shadow Moon! Well-Known Member

    24 Jul 2017
    But I am not at end game.
    The Otherguy likes this.
  17. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    My burn damage is unaffected, because it's all from my perks! So I'm happy about everything. BUT enfo mk5 deserves some lovin'.
  18. Babablacksheep

    Babablacksheep Well-Known Member

    27 May 2017
    Bro the yellows were OP from very beginning.Frost torp was criticized before update also... Frankly,it sad for me to see people get used to OP items and then watch them nerfed.it shouldn't be OP in first
    Heres the thing devs(I may be wrong)
    A SUPER STRONG item nerf,it will bring negativity (even tho justice)

    So,if we see any new future items coming ,Please don't make it ridiculously strong like stun or blasters BECAUSE The weak item can always have a Room for buff , which is well ACCEPTED by community[FOR EG:- REPAIR BOLT]
    Last edited: 14 Nov 2017
  19. Memorize

    Memorize Member

    5 Apr 2017
    sorry but you’re sound like sniper look so easy to use. I’m not sure which leagues you’re in but for Nightmare look fair to me.
    1. Sniper can’t even break Tesla shield in Nightmare zone infamy 4K+.
    2. All speeder / Enforcer in Nightmare are so fast take skills to shoot not just point and click as you‘re said.
    3. With crew all talent critical give you only 15% critical chances another extra(peak)gain them by raffle or shop no grantee when will you ever get them. it’s took me a year just to completed 4 Epic peak.

    And yet sniper already got nerf decrease 7.5% damage before the last patch. Overall just to point out that’s not versatile.
    Last edited: 14 Nov 2017
  20. Babablacksheep

    Babablacksheep Well-Known Member

    27 May 2017
    7.5% I think
    Memorize likes this.

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