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Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Hector Bravo, 21 Apr 2019.

  1. Hector Bravo

    Hector Bravo New Member

    14 Sep 2018
    It takes to long to reach next Capt. level.
    New music?
    Let us train more than one weapon at a time.
    Last edited: 21 Apr 2019
    Cavy likes this.
  2. Cavy

    Cavy Well-Known Member

    26 Feb 2018
    Higher lvl talents use to pay waaaay more xp then they do now and I could lvl up my captain after learning just a few of em
    Now several high lvl talents barely make a dent in my captain xp lol
  3. Micro

    Micro Active Member

    27 Feb 2019
    Thats Occupied
    Located in the atom
    Tbh i like looking forward a new music theme on the bay since it is all the same 3 theme songs the foundery, crash n burn and all map have its songs but i like a new theme

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