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Competition This forum looks real empty... Be a right shame if...

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by TheAntiSnipe, 22 Feb 2024.

  1. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe Moon's haunted

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    ... someone who can STILL talk were to drop some community news anyway! Also, I guess this is a batsignal to people that still look at these (you weirdos;))

    So real quick, we have:
    A community server where a lot of old players chill around, you need 1000+ battles, but then again, if you know about this forum, you probably have that many. https://discord.gg/lookingfortrouble
    We do Friday night customs where people can vc if they want to, and it's a blast! We're doing a new 3v3 event, not official, purely fun, trailer video here:

    Another community server that's a lot more open is the "official" BB discord: https://discord.gg/EDAKmgtK
    Talk to warhawk and get help and support if you lost your accounts!

    Other than that, well... A lot of us are back and playing the game! It's getting patches! They fixed invuln's OPness by a lot, reduced rail stun spam by a lot, made matchmaking better, fixed ranked camping... We're going somewhere with this, idk where, but somewhere for sure :cool:

    See you on the waves!

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