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The old balancing problem

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by :MrFixer:, 12 Jan 2018.

  1. :MrFixer:

    :MrFixer: New Member

    9 Jan 2018
    Once again hello again the great people of Battle Bay this is my second post and I hope not to be disturbing much but I would like them to give an adjustment in the balance, good today I use the account Nigh-Mare level 9 mk1 and I battle with mk5 is mk4, I know this balance and the infamy of the player but I think it should be the equipment, for example I have between I almost do not live because my adversaries use epic weapons T2 or rare T3, T5 and I only have 750 life, would very cool if I played with players of my level understood, thanks for reading.
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  2. Ian

    Ian Well-Known Member

    29 May 2017
    Maybe infamy should have less of an effect on matchmaking at 2k & under infamy and the focus should be a little more towards gear. then after 2k it could be the same as it is now
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  3. S2C

    S2C Member

    15 Dec 2017
    I remember reading a suggestion about having infamy floors based on ship levels, like having a minimum infamy of 750 if you have an mk4. At least this way mk4+ wont shit on newer players because they tanked their infamy down to 100-200.

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