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[Suggestion for improvement] Talents screen.

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Tripple Moon, 16 Aug 2017.

  1. Tripple Moon

    Tripple Moon Member

    11 Aug 2017
    Private info
    Every player has or develops his/her own preferred play style correct?
    To be better in that style that player tries to tune and upgrade the items on his/her preferred ship(s).
    (I used "tune and upgrade" here because imho it's a better wording for upgrade and evolve in the context of the game)

    Currently the player happily tunes said item until the upgrade level, only at that time it is faced with essential info about a talent needing a certain level.
    Why is this info not provided beforehand using the same popup as what is being used for perks, showing which items it can be applied to?
    The most obvious place to put this info is at the upgrade levels of the talents, which currently only displays "Unlocks level x evolution".
    "Unlocks level x evolution"? evolution of what???

    If this essential info would have been provided upfront, the player would have been able to plan his/her talent levels and time spent better.
    (Merely indirectly indicating this info with talent button background color is not enough for most to notice)
    Last edited: 16 Aug 2017
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  2. Rango8

    Rango8 Well-Known Member

    7 May 2017
    I'll never understand why people think a game should be tailored to the blind or unblissfully ignorant.
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  3. Rango8

    Rango8 Well-Known Member

    7 May 2017
    I think you misread my comment hahahaha

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