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Special events like hallowen and Christmas for BB?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by magician, 25 Oct 2017.


Battle bay need events?

  1. Yes, totally obviusly

  2. Yes but i only want the rewards

  3. Yes but a few things, i don't want halloween things in all the game only a few things

  4. Yes option 2 and 3

  5. This is a game for all the world, equality

  6. NO

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  1. magician

    magician New Member

    24 Aug 2017
    So i think battle bay need events like the other games is a good thing the extra rewards the different theme
    but i don't want a halloween things in all the game this is a strategy game no a party.
    Note: i want a new map about this
    i start thinking is a best option post this in general discussion :D
    Last edited: 25 Oct 2017
  2. Joey who

    Joey who Well-Known Member

    11 Jun 2017
    A Christmas 10x crates gift and I'll be good :D
    Zerolive, TheCrisco and TheAntiSnipe like this.
  3. TheCrisco

    TheCrisco Active Member

    2 Aug 2017
    Halloween epic crate! So scary, right?!
    Joey who likes this.
  4. Joey who

    Joey who Well-Known Member

    11 Jun 2017
    I'd be terrified! Wink wink @Rovio
  5. Zerolive

    Zerolive Well-Known Member

    11 Jul 2017
    I know. Rovio will give a chest full of COMMON POWER CELLS in halloween. Scary right?:p:p
    Crashedup likes this.

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