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Special Effect for Gatling Guns

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by HappyUnicorn789, 14 Sep 2018.

  1. HappyUnicorn789

    HappyUnicorn789 Well-Known Member

    28 May 2017
    Please make Gatling Gun more useful!
    Make it come with burn damage, frost effect or slow effect.
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  2. SeaNavy

    SeaNavy Well-Known Member

    31 Mar 2018
    Its special effect is shaking your screen and flashing it red fifteen times in a row lol. It's annoying.
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  3. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    For a gun that is up there with flare in the Burnice tree, flare being one of the best weapons in the game(and also being the most popular oneslot), the gat does not acquit itself well.
    Just look at the NML stats:
    Wow, looks like my entire post about the "Big Three" was correct! Flare, blast and 'nade rule the meta up there, with mine close behind. Where's the Gat, you might ask?
    Well, even with some NML players having been given/pearled t4 epics, with AM having T5ed it, what's the use rate?

    Well, um...
    #UnderstandableHaveAGoodDay #SuchMetaMuchWow
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