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Shooting Range / Friendly Show Down

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Shamus-6-6-6, 23 Apr 2017.

  1. Shamus-6-6-6

    Shamus-6-6-6 New Member

    18 Apr 2017
    Would be cool to have a Shooting Range map with lots of moving & stationary targets to practice & try out different weapon setups. Maybe even have it so 5 friends can join up so we can also shoot each other, just for fun of course.
    Captain_Perry likes this.
  2. Captain_Perry

    Captain_Perry Active Member

    6 Apr 2017
    Strongly agree with you. I have always wanted to test how much damage I can deal in one combo of weapons to decide what to use, and check how much the crits do. Thus, as you said, we can use this as target practice (maybe a setting to make the targets move) so as to improve aim.
    About the friends shooting thing, not sure if it's manageable, but you will sure learn your friend's tactics and perform better in fleeting.

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