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Saving progress and syncing devices FAQ

Discussion in 'FAQs & Guides' started by Bennunator, 5 Apr 2017.

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  1. Bennunator

    Bennunator Moderator

    3 Apr 2017
    Saving game progress via Facebook

    In the game open Options > Accounts. Click 'log in' next to the Facebook icon and sign in when prompted.

    Once your game is connected to Facebook you can sync your account across different platforms and devices by signing in to the game with the same Facebook account.

    Saving game progress without Facebook on iOS devices - Game Center

    To save progress on iOS devices please connect to Game Center when prompted.

    Saving game progress without Facebook on Android devices - Google Play Games

    To save progress on Android devices please connect to Google Play Games when prompted.

    Can I sync my progress between devices and platforms?

    You can sync across devices AND platforms if connected to Facebook in the game.

    You cannot sync across platforms without Facebook connection. However you can sync between two devices of the same platform by signing in to the same Game Center (iOS) or Google Play Games (Android) account on the second device then launching the game. You will receive a prompt to sync your account from your first device.

    I have two devices with two different games on them. How can I get the same game on both devices?

    Make sure you've synced the game you want to continue with to Facebook, or to Game Center on iOS, or Google Play Games on Android. Then sign in to the same Facebook/ Game Center/ Google Play Games account on the second device to load the saved game.

    Please note that the devices must be from the same platform if not using Facebook.

    The game is asking if I want to sync my game from another device. What will happen if I click yes/no?

    Clicking “Yes” will sync your game state from your other device to the device you have in your hands. Clicking “No” will give you a fresh start.

    I've lost all my progress! What do I do?

    If you've connected the game with one of the methods above, your progress should load when you open the app.

    If you try this and your progress does not load, please contact the Rovio Support Team.

    Submit a support request at https://support.rovio.com
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