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Repair Plasma

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Earel, 13 Feb 2019.

  1. Earel

    Earel Active Member

    24 Jun 2017
    Just some simple math(epic):
    base healing - 84 hp/s
    plasma increasing healing from skills - 150%
    perks 4*7.5% = 30%.
    84+180% = 84+151.2 = 235 hp/s (this value is crazy... )
    Duration 15s ...
    U can easy calculate 15*235 = 3525

    If u have positions fight > this item break balance ... It's just my IMHO , but 2 weapon ships equipped non-reduce healing weapons can beat a ship that located in the healNapalm(Repair Plasma)
    Sidd gamer likes this.
  2. Djradnad

    Djradnad Well-Known Member

    11 May 2017
    I haven’t used it enough to know for sure, but I believe that value is in the center of the plasma, just like napalm the healing should be lower at the outskirts, so unless you are sitting still in the middle you won’t get the heals, and the enemy will certainly know to just lay death upon that area so it seems balanced to me, just could be OP against an enemy team that doesn’t know to attack you.
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  3. Reorge

    Reorge Well-Known Member

    13 Feb 2018
    The major drawback of this item is that you gotta sit in that same place to receive the heals. An enemy can easily negate it by throwing a napalm. Not to mention it makes you highly vulnerable to torpedoes and mortar type weapons.
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  4. TVNPryde

    TVNPryde Well-Known Member

    8 Jun 2017
    Very true. Just like a napalm, it’s static and doesn’t stick to the players. The strategies to attack this will be abundant. If anything, the healing should be the same for the whole area to prevent exposure to AoE weapons.
    Reorge and Sidd gamer like this.
  5. capphil11

    capphil11 Member

    19 Nov 2017
    After watching a few of these games, it does seem pretty OP. I'm not sure to what extent the training is complete, but when fully done it will be an absolute beast.

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