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Repair plasma hinders the visibility

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Blitz, 15 Apr 2019.

  1. Blitz

    Blitz Member

    15 Sep 2018
    It is just as the napalm.
    It was great. I could take full advantage of it. No one saw torpedos coming. Every single one of my enemies were bull's eye.
    No one saw that I was right behind them.
    Okay. They must have sucked because I was lingering for at least 30 seconds, stationary, period.
    Furthermore, my infamy is at 2800s. I admit that some of us in this infamy do not deserve to be here. We got here with some luck...
    But still.. 2800s !

    I experience this from time to time, (the past experience wasn't as drastic as)...
    Plasma repair is great but if teammates stay inside it, they become easy targets. Above all, the effect is too strong.
    I think the devs should weaken the effect.

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