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Redneck Reviews: Community Events!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Redneck Messiah, 26 Mar 2019.

  1. Redneck Messiah

    Redneck Messiah Well-Known Member

    28 Oct 2018
    Damage Depot
    Hey everyone!
    So lately I've been taking a bit of a break from the Bay (mostly playing Brawl Stars, which, wouldn't ya know it, has PLAYABLE RANKED MODES! What a NOVEL IDEA!)... but I certainly haven't missed out on the events!
    While we've had a lot of fun ones lately, like 1 second GCD (double pump lol) and 8 missile spread (nerf arc caster @TheAntiSnipe), the stars of the show are undoubtedly the two community events: March of the Dead and Black Storm. While not exactly new content like this series is normally reserved for, these events are the first sign of major community involvement since (scratches head for several minutes)...
    Anyways, they're certainly deserving of a review in my opinion, so enough of me being salty towards Rovio and let's go!

    March of the Dead
    This event won first prize in the community contest, and boy did it deserve it. One way or another, the Bay hasn't seen a mode like this before. The whole infected-zombie concept was a nice one, and playing as the zombies was an interesting experience. The idea of being able to help your teammates even after being eliminated by doing small damage and shotblocking is a good one. Not to mention the gold rewards... some Guardian upgrades came out of this event, so thanks for that @Djradnad and @Piku!

    Black Storm
    This event, submitted by @Vivace, is currently going on as I write this, and it's a fun one! Torpedoes zipping all over the place, mines, cannons, and mortars rendered less effective than normal... My standard torp and I had fun with this one. The small maps and 5v5 respawn base add a lot of chaos to this crazy brawl. I went with a carronade and a sniper (mainly for brawling, and both comically slow thanks to the mode's mechanics :)) and three torpedoes: Standard, Swift, and Big. (The carronade was surprisingly useful, making enemies even easier targets for my torps ;)).
    People are calling this event a spammy mess, which it is... but not to the point of being unplayable like some say it is. I personally love the explosive, crazy, chaotic matchups... this is the most fun I've had grinding Interceptor parts in a while!

    Thanks for reading!
    Redneck Reviews series library: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/redneck-reviews-library.23565/
  2. Nikkie!

    Nikkie! Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2018
    Baaa, I’m a pig (I am out there!)
    Check my information out! “About you”
    Thanks for writing!

    (I’m second!)
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  3. Earel

    Earel Active Member

    24 Jun 2017
    Good idea, bad implementation, 0 tactic as usual)
  4. Cavy

    Cavy Well-Known Member

    26 Feb 2018
    I didn’t get to play much but the time I spent in both events was great! I too love the chaos
  5. BoatBlaster

    BoatBlaster Member

    4 Dec 2017
    Two new features for next update:
    1. Give missles a crit chance - 7 missles when crit
    2. New yellow item 'Storm' - pulse unfriends for 20sec of slow projectiles
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