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Rant: People who think they've got a good plan that had no chance of succeeding

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by StormBlazet, 23 Aug 2017.

  1. StormBlazet

    StormBlazet New Member

    30 Jul 2017
    Sit and listen to a tale of fail:

    I really don't like the people who think they're the big macho player and think they have a plan to win every game, only to cause the rest of the team to falter and result in a huge and horrible loss. Of course, we've all seen that one guy that charges ahead of the group thinking they can win by winging it that way. We've seen and/or have done it . But a recent battle just made me want to tell about it. Two moments in fact.

    One battle I had long ago was mostly a team fail. I say mostly because one player who was mk5, way higher than the rest of us mk1s, decided that he could sit out the match until it was him/her and all the unfriends. They thought they we're practically a God among us. Long story short, they died, fairly quickly.

    Now this one is my most recent battle, these two people had fleeted and thought they became Einstein when they came up with this plan. Ready for it? They thought that when the match started, they could stay right there and put mines in one entrance, basically making a fortress, despite there being two more ways unfriends could get through. But there's just.... One tiny flaw in this plan. Know what it is? Well, let me just remind you that the game comes with a "capture" way to win. Yeah. As soon as the unfriends got on the capture, got to 50%, and out team started dying in a failed attempt to stop capture, their plane started to fall real hard. They didn't help whatsoever. I was trying to tell them negative, but they wouldn't listen. I then made the command to stop capture, but of course, it failed. I didn't die, but we we're defeated by capture.

    That's all. If you want to tell of a battle or something that irks you, then go ahead. It'd be nice to see we all aren't alone in certain things.

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