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Ranked Fight Festival!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by TheAntiSnipe, 13 Feb 2020.

  1. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe Moon's haunted

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    I have a message from the BB community, asked to be passed on by them. Here it is:

    "Community Event"

    Ranked Challenge

    When: Sunday February 16th - Tuesday February 18th

    Starting Sunday morning though Tuesday night we are asking that everyone only play ranked.

    The longer version:
    Remember when ranked matchmaking made sense and queue times were non-existent. Well for 3 days only we're gonna try to bring those days back but we need your help. We are asking that starting Sunday morning though Tuesday night that you only play ranked. If enough people join in we can bring back the good old days. Please spread the word to your friends and guildmates. Let's show Rovio we are still here and we still care.

    You heard the folks at the community! Let's bash in some hulls! The fight festival begins this Sunday, so suit up and throw down!

    All the Discord servers you know, your WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE chat groups, heck, the BB Facebook group, hit 'em up! Tell them it's about to go down!

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