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Rage Vent Post

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Netsa, 6 Jun 2017.

  1. Netsa

    Netsa Well-Known Member

    9 May 2017
    At 1600-1700 infamy level, I saw two guys using Mk 5s in separate matches. Whole team evaporates, it ends up being just the Mk 5 guy so I can see what he's using.

    First match, it's a Mk 5 Shooter with four torpedos, all of separate types, and a mine launcher. Wouldn't be so bad, except he also couldn't grasp any of the basics of landing a torpedo shot. He missed nearly every one of them at long range and mid range, then a Speeder rolled up on him. He sailed into an area of the map that's essentially a corridor so I'm thinking, "okay, he's going to kill this Speeder with wallshots". He doesn't, he keeps trying to fire directly at the Speeder, missing even the wall, and eventually gives up on him. He focuses his attention on the rest of the enemy team, since the Speeder in question apparently had no damage, manages to land a single Triple but otherwise flounders around until he dies.

    Second match, it's a Mk 5 Enforcer using two mortars and, I think, a mine launcher. In this situation, he and a Speeder, who's using double-Cannon, end up being the last alive against a Shooter and a Defender, all four of them on low health. This is on the map with a big bridge in the center of the map, so what does the Enforcer do? He sails directly under it, negating all of his mortars, and then runs away. Literally, even after successfully getting out from under the bridge, he still doesn't fire at them. Meanwhile, the Speeder, who apparently doesn't know what Lock-On is, is just zipping around the enemy without shooting at them. Eventually, he thinks that maybe he should be shooting something, and starts firing away at the Defender, but gets sniped out. Enforcer, at the far side of the map, gets Blasted with 0 seconds left on the clock after failing to land his last mortar.

    I know I could help these situations by not dying myself, but seriously.
    The no-Lock-On Speeder thing annoys me the most since I see it fairly often. I don't play Speeder, so I'm not trying to tell you guys how to play, but why do I see so many of them that only ever aim manually? I understand that you have to know where you're going, but they keep it off even if they're just circling, or even if there's only one enemy left on the map. It's pretty annoying to see a Speeder, when he has a reasonably powerful cannon equipped, speed right past a guy that's on low health and I'm looking at his cannon pointed straight forward.

    If anyone has anything they want to rage about, don't hesitate to post your own thing in this thread.
  2. Jackyepic

    Jackyepic Member

    1 Jun 2017
    Behind the railgun
    Is this possible?

    For myself (infamy ~1300, shooter), I hate it when I half-rush into the unfriends' sight and start to escape. What do my teammates do? Nearly nothing except chasing the unfriends (in another direction) who are chasing me... Could be my problem, but I think it would be better at higher infamy.
    Last edited: 6 Jun 2017
    Netsa likes this.
  3. Kitterini

    Kitterini Well-Known Member

    5 Apr 2017
    There is a reason why those players are stuck at 1600 infamy in a mk5 boat :)

    Remember to also notice it when you play against them, its easy to end up focusing only on the frustrating losses.
  4. Netsa

    Netsa Well-Known Member

    9 May 2017
    Now that I think about, there are only three types. He had four torpedos, and all three types were present, but I don't remember which one was a dupe. A Mk 5 Shooter, referencing another thread on Ship Tiers, has 7 red points. So, if he had both a Big and a Triple, the last two would have to both be Swifts.

    True that.
    It's easier to notice when I'm spectating them, since most of their whole build is laid out. If it's an enemy, even if he goes through the same motions, I'm more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. For instance, I would be thinking "wow, he's really bad at torpedos", instead of "wow, why did he only bring torpedos"?

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