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Quests FAQ

Discussion in 'FAQs & Guides' started by Bennunator, 5 Apr 2017.

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  1. Bennunator

    Bennunator Moderator

    3 Apr 2017
    What are quests?

    Quests are tasks that the player can embark on, earning new rewards every day!

    How do I access the quests?

    Your current quests are displayed whenever you enter the game and a new quest is available. Otherwise you can click on the quests icon in the top-right corner of the hub (to the left of the achievements icon).

    How do the quests work?

    Different quests will have different prerequisites. Complete the task in battles to earn the reward that is offered.
    You can re-roll any quest if you wish, to receive a different quest. You can re-roll one quest at a time, and you get one new re-roll to use each time a new quest appears. You can then use the re-roll on any active quest.

    What do I earn from completing quests?

    You earn either gold or sugar, depending on the quest.
    What is the "massive marathon quest bonus"?
    If you complete the required number of quests within a week (Monday - Sunday), you are rewarded with a bonus reward - a great mystery box!

    If you don't complete the quests fast enough, you won't make it!

    It looks like I didn't receive enough quests in time to earn the quest bonus - why?

    Your quest list was full when you were about to receive new quests, and hence the new quests got cancelled. You can have a maximum of 3 quests active and one quest queued (so when you complete one of the three active ones, you'll instantly receive the queued one, should you have one).
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