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Power Cells: A Real Solution

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by The War Net, 26 Nov 2017.


Should Power Cells Be Used To Evolve Item Pieces and Perks?

  1. Yes

    28 vote(s)
  2. No

    10 vote(s)
  1. Epekka

    Epekka Well-Known Member

    6 May 2017
    in the not too distant future
    how about they remove powercells...
  2. Crashedup

    Crashedup Well-Known Member

    3 Aug 2017
    @The War Net love the idea of using powercell to evolve the item pieces although not perks.
    Here are my few concerns as a completely f2p player.
    1. What will the cost of converting an rare item piece to epic item piece.
    2. This game has already n no of steps to upgrade an item I don't want to add few more to upgrade perks which we get a lot from the raffle.
    It will not be free to evolve as it will cost gold or sugar.
    3.Now to my main pt the cost of upgrading an epic item takes a lot of time and resources especially epic parts they are so hard to get.
    Ex: it took me 1 whole month to upgrade my epic ex canon from tier 2 to tier 3 and I play a lot.
    So what's the pt of shelling out gold and sugar on getting an epic item piece which will take me months to upgrade.
    Here's my take on how to use powercell
    1. Use them to convert to higher rarity parts and vice versa.
    For ex:
    20 powercell (cost almost 90-100k) equals to 60 uncommon parts equals to 40 rare parts equals to 5 epic parts (cost 85k) equals to 1 legendary part.
    2. Also use them for converting to higher tier powercell and vice versa.
    For ex 40 power cell equals 8rare powercell equals to 3 epic powercell equals to 1 legendary powercell.
    This will help us in upgrading our epic items a little faster and since we are getting a lot of epic item pieces from raffle it will actually help us in progressing faster in the game.
    Edit: there should be no cost required for this conversion.

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