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Posibles bugs en el juego

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Seiren, 8 Mar 2019.

  1. Seiren

    Seiren New Member

    6 Mar 2019
    Buenas noches, quisiera informar mis problemas en el juego. Al realizar algunas batallas, los objetos se vuelven recuadros negros, además se tarda mucho en iniciar algunas batallas y muchas veces tengo que reiniciar el juego para unirme a la batalla. Si alguien sabe alguna solución, se los agradecería mucho.

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    Good evening, I would like to report my problems in the game. When doing some battles, the objects become black squares, it also takes a long time to start some battles and many times I have to restart the game to join the battle. If anyone knows any solution, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  2. Ash KOT

    Ash KOT MVP

    30 Aug 2017
    I dont have the black square issue, longer wait time between matches is due to the reduction in active players I am afraid.
    The only issue I get is I get into a game, get to the list of the 10 players on screen, and it hangs.
    I have to force restart the app and by this time I am usually a minute into the match, which often means dead on the smaller maps.
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