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Perks off

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Alexey95, 23 Jul 2018.

  1. Alexey95

    Alexey95 New Member

    25 Oct 2017
    Hey there,
    I have a question to your game designers, and event-creators. I'm playing on fixer 3 with 2-nd evolution epic items- remember these. Why I meet a man with 4-evo epic blasters? So I also tried to put 4-evo cannon on my ship, u know what? next I meet enemies with the same equipment.. But If I take off all perks, its getting possible to play against weaker ships. So, according to your opinion, Is it fair to play with 4 and even 5-evo epic against 2, 3 epic, but without perks?
    However, in my opinion, its not fair, and you HAVE TO install filters on battle match. So people with 4-5 evo epic guns (with NO perks) will be not allowed to play against weaker 2-3 evo with perks. Look at the 1-st player in red colomn
  2. R4Z0R

    R4Z0R Well-Known Member

    11 Nov 2017
    why do u wanna know?
    lol welcome to the biggest issue ingame at the moment
    edit: here are the proofs of injustice and the cries of the victimized...ive also had it with the mmr right now :mad:

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