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[Patch Notes] v. 2.3 "Patch it!"

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Zeus, 19 May 2017.

  1. Aekagra

    Aekagra New Member

    23 Jun 2017
    I admire how you work on this game ,for that I have to tell you about the issue I have been facing .
    Like twice I have seen a enforcer speeding with infinite nitros in the whole map like so much speed. ..
    I think that was a hack ..!
    His name is ( Calipso. ),
    He has enforcer .
    Please check his gameplay for once at least .
    Thanking you for this amazing game
    Keep up your work
    I love battle bay
  2. Miss-B

    Miss-B New Member

    6 Jun 2017
    Message them. They will assist you. It may take them a week. Make sure you tell them if you bought the daily bonus. Because I had to use 25 pearls to open the days I didn't have access to my account. Do not let them tell you they can't credit you those days because they can. After letting them know I contacted Google in regards to my purchases, then they finally gave me the 6 days I missed out on. Again, may take a week, but they will assist you.
    Last edited: 24 Jun 2017
  3. Dezmone wilson

    Dezmone wilson New Member

    23 Jun 2017
    I have not recieved my in app purchase
  4. CloudBreather

    CloudBreather New Member

    12 May 2017
    Why aren't trolling servers in this list? I went from 1093 infamy to mid 500s. Why does the new update involve trolling servers. I have the largest drop of in my guild and I'm also the captain? How does this work? I know I don't suck at this game but I'm getting sick of playing one of my favorite games now. Battle Bay is no longer fun for me.
    Last edited: 24 Jun 2017

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