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Outmatched! Need rivalry opponents readjusted after guild split immediately - our guild is dying!

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by lorax65, 15 Mar 2018.

  1. lorax65

    lorax65 New Member

    30 Aug 2017
    I posted this somewhere else but think o. Need to put it here to get developers to notice it & help - sorry about that

    Our guild was dominating 15-1’st, 2 2nd, 2 3rd, and then the quest adjustment changed everything- our guild had become polarized 1/2 very high infamy players 1/2 much lower- well with new deal we couldn’t compete because of fleeting issues- so high infamy 12 went and started a new guild- the 12 left are trying to recruit - prospective see our record and join then see we are setting destroyed in the current rivalry and immediately quit- 20-25 ppl join and quit 1 min later..
    We just keep plugging but struggling to complete 27 quests now against ppl completing 45 - we thought you would adjust our competitors based on how many que3sts we can complete- it’s going on our 4th week since this happened and still no adjustment in opponents- we can’t even make a race for 5th place- they are at least 10 quests more than us-please adjust our opponents to our current ability so we can keep our new recruits- it’s very disheartening to stand 0 change now 4 rivalries in a row

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