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New ship? How about a Submarine? Devs, you listening?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by SleekCommodore2201, 7 Nov 2018.

  1. SleekCommodore2201

    SleekCommodore2201 New Member

    2 Feb 2018
    What do you think? Fairly slow, lightly armored/low HP and speed further reduced 50% when submerged. Visibility from the sub reduced to a periscope view. Only a small periscope can be seen on the surface, or maybe bubbles. Only torps or mines can damage a submerged sub (maybe add a depth charge launcher?). Only torps can be fired by a submerged submarine. Add a yellow item maybe (sonar) to detect submerged subs.
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  2. Mr.Safranek

    Mr.Safranek Active Member

    28 Aug 2017
    We are dont need submarine in this game ...
    Its a SHIP game.... Thats all !!!
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  3. Wymtime

    Wymtime Active Member

    25 Aug 2017
    Can it be a yellow submarine??
  4. Fisher214

    Fisher214 Member

    14 Oct 2018
    Looks good on paper..But in reality, it will be very annoying ship

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