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New Gatling Gun is useless because of current defence mechanics

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by bryan660, 5 Sep 2018.

  1. bryan660

    bryan660 New Member

    5 Sep 2018
    The defence mechanics in the game rn are both useless and useful.
    Maxing out the defence from stacking epic defense perks on multiple shields for defenders, even at mk5, would render them invulnerable to caronade and gatling gun shots, and halve the total damage from standard canon.

    But most people rather equip full hp boost epic perks on their shields for increased health because defence value makes a small, very little damage difference when taking hits from heavy weapons like railguns or big torpedoes.

    I think they need to rework the defence value system in Battle Bay, because currently defence reduces fixed amount of damage, and not percentage.
    Last edited: 5 Sep 2018
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  2. ElMataC

    ElMataC Member

    2 Jul 2017
    Yeah doing something like making defense reducing damage by % would be more useful, or maybe something like a flat value plus % reduction. Anyway the point is that, as you said, right now it's either op or useless, and a complete rework is kinda needed.

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