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New Debuff Idea: Corrosion

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by marky04, 24 Dec 2018.

  1. marky04

    marky04 New Member

    23 Dec 2018
    ~You Don't Have to Read This Part~pls
    Just laying it all out there; Are you tired of that stinking defender with 2 guardians by his side and that one fixer at the back healing every little damage you and your bois manage to squeeze through (and of course that one speeder who gets killed in the first 15 seconds of the battle). Well BOY do I have the solution for you! (pulls out a bottle from off-screen). The amazing (insert name here) is a revolutionary product that (accidentally sprays some onto hand) Oh god my hands are melting HELP-
    Okay well to cut to the chase, my proposal is a new debuff and a set of related items to diversify the support aspects of combat in this game. The CC features are good enough as they are... just giving those minions a little more toys to play with you know? Plenty of torpedoes going around already.

    Corrosion: The star of the show; a debuff that puts the 50000-inch steel plating of your entire enemy team to shame... Reduces the defense of any afflicted ship by a certain percentage, it might also mess around with the healing capabilities of ships with this debuff. And of course since it is a debuff, its duration is affected by the cleanse pulse.

    Acid Bomb
    • Basically like a timed mine, that detonates after a certain amount of time, or when coming into contact with an enemy. When it explodes, enemies within a certain radius get inflicted with the corroded debuff. (optional: enemies nearer to the bomb have more of their defence reduced).
    • Cooldown time slower than the regular mine

    • Sprays corrosive solution in a conical area (similar to the carronade) in front of the turret, the solution stays in the water for some time - much like napalm, only with a shorter duration. Enemies within that area will be inflicted with corrosion WHILE and for a small duration after leaving the zone. (opt. enemies that get a direct hit from the spray get a stronger effect from the debuff. i.e. enemies within the conical area mentioned earlier)
    • Possible tooltip: "Rust-a la vista, baby."

    Corrosive Bolt
    • Just another linear projectile weapon, However enemies hit by the bolt experience full-strength corrosion for a set time (longer than the Dirty Bomb and Corro-Spray).
    • Has the highest overall effect and duration.

    • A weapon designed to isolate a target from the pack; or bring them down altogether, fires a highly condensed ball of solidified acid, which sticks to the target ship. It then corrodes them, any ship coming close to the target will also contract the corrosion (at weaker levels).
    • I'm thinking of also making them deal damage over time, to stick with the idea that this is a *highly condensed ball of solidified acid*, I mean that's gotta be painful, right?
    • Corrosion duration
    • Corrosion effect
    • Radius
    • Item cooldown time
    That's pretty much it for my list of suggestions, I know they just added some defense buffers, but I think it's going to be pretty interesting to see where it goes... I hope it gets even a bit of attention. And feel free to leave some feedback if you guys have some things to add, point out, some mines to drop. Anyways, Happy Sailing!

    I've taken AntiSnipe's suggestion for the name change of "Dirty Bomb" and "Dirty Bolt"
    la perla rossa's suggestion to make the plague deal damage
    Last edited: 9 Jan 2019
  2. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    The item names would be great if they were "Acid Bomb" and "Corrosive Bolt", but other than that, hell yeah!
  3. Agile Vanguard

    Agile Vanguard Well-Known Member

    8 Apr 2018
    Random Battle Bay player and tuber.
    In a land far far away...
  4. marky04

    marky04 New Member

    23 Dec 2018
    Yea I didn't really have any ideas for names
    Sidd gamer, Nikkie! and TheAntiSnipe like this.
  5. La perla rossa

    La perla rossa Member

    29 Dec 2018
    the idea is not bad, +1 you have to write a bit of mathematics and I liked the idea of damage over time, add it
    marky04 likes this.
  6. marky04

    marky04 New Member

    23 Dec 2018
    Haha... I've never really thought about the numbers, just hoping that IF Rovio decides to take my suggestions they'd punch in the numbers on their own... But I guess it'll add some appeal to the idea as welland criticism.

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