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Discussion in 'FAQs & Guides' started by The Grim Repair, 24 Nov 2017.

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  1. The Grim Repair

    The Grim Repair Community Manager

    26 Sep 2017

    Why were MVPs introduced?

    Forums can be a messy place, and good feedback or important issues and questions can get lost or delayed where they shouldn’t. We are a small game team and want to stay that way - so we need more help from you for you :) Players helping players is an aspect of our Battle Bay community we want to help foster so the MVPs are a voice and helping hand for you.

    Who are MVPs?
    MVPs, or most valuable posters, are regular players like you and I who generally have a track record of contributing to our forums in very meaningful ways. They are knowledgeable and enjoy sharing tips and tricks with fellow captains, they are experienced in the game and want to help newcomers as well as engage with existing players.
    They do not need to agree with things we, the game team say and do - however they will help steer conversations towards constructive and friendly interactions.

    You can see someone is an MVP on their profile post icon - it will show “MVP” as title on a light blue background. Right now we have CaffeeinatedChris and The Otherguy in the group.

    What do MVPs do?
    They assist with some light forum moderation and are generally roaming the forums to lend a helping hand to all of you. They will also highlight hot issues or great suggestions to the game team so we can better condense feedback and the feeling of what’s most important to all of you!

    Why are MVPs not the most hardcore players or youtubers?
    We feel the best way to connect and understand our community is to be in contact on various different levels. Youtubers are creating content and have a lot on their hands with that. We also want to empower people who know what it is like to play in different leagues and have a well rounded view of the game and experience.

    How can I become an MVP?
    For now we want to keep that group small. Generally speaking, be nice, place fair and display meaningful interaction in the forums - that is helpful to others and that’s it really.
    We will select new MVPs when we think it's the right time, and the best way to be selected is to keep being helpful, active and respectful on the forums. :)
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