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Matchmaking Improvement Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by BAJABLASTOISE, 17 May 2018.


    BAJABLASTOISE Active Member

    5 Aug 2017
    While I believe that overall this game is amazing, when I play, it seems for the most part my team gets obliterated, or we do the obliterating. A lot of total domination or total destruction and not a whole lot of thrillers. This is sort of ambiguous though, I have not ever really stopped to examine what issues may exist so I thought this might be an opportunity for us as a community to have a friendly discussion!

    That being said, there are tons of threads centered around this idea - what we need is concise examples of where we think it is broken so it is helpful for the developers.

    1.Problems related to matchmaking must be backed up with examples
    2.All comments MUST be constructive. If you are tired of this game, don't give it your time or your money, don't complain in the forums.
    3. Please keep suggestions simple/small. Rovio cannot remake the whole system - as great as it sounds on paper matchmaking based soley or mainly on gear score is not going to happen.
    4. No flaming; no bad-mouthing Rovio, attacking fellow battlers, or the people who comment on the thread.

    OK so I'll start! One thing that might help improve the quality of matchmaking is not allowing two fleets on one team unless both teams have two fleets. Teamwork (or lack thereof) makes or breaks a match! I have included a screenshot of a match where both fleets were on our team, and we obliterated them. I would not be surprised if at least one player on the other team was like... oh come on!!

    Secondly, I personally feel like the system should not allow two fixers on a team and no fixers on the other. While two fixers can limit the firepower of that team, in my experience they're pretty much guaranteed to win!

    What do you guys think?
  2. SeaNavy

    SeaNavy Well-Known Member

    31 Mar 2018
    I think matchmaking is fine. With millions of players, it can't be perfect.

    BAJABLASTOISE Active Member

    5 Aug 2017
    And that is a fair opinion. Not helpful to this thread... but nothing wrong with having your opinion lol!

    At least you bumped it for me. ;)
  4. Hodges

    Hodges Well-Known Member

    4 May 2017
    Agreed, this thread should be locked. Focus on new content and leave match making alone.

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