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Match making

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by GrannyB7, 13 Feb 2019.

  1. GrannyB7

    GrannyB7 New Member

    10 Oct 2017
    Match making is still terrible for me. Prior to the last update where everyone was made equal I was at 3400 infamy. Now I cannot get to 1800 even though I play well, because I get matched against very good (nightmare) players while I'm on the sucky team. Or matched against a team with 3 fixers while we had none, no way we could win as in this battle. https://replay.battlebay.net/PNTZZKTR#TWDLNDLQ
    I'm not a bad player, I have good weapons. No reason other than lousy match making as to why I'm not higher infamy. It's ridiculous, get it right for crying out loud. I've spent too much money on this game for you to continue holding me back like this!
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