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Making the Game famous and bigger..

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Arjun.ts, 27 Oct 2018.

  1. Arjun.ts

    Arjun.ts New Member

    25 Sep 2017
    Hi All...
    First of all I love this game of all the major ones out there..

    I would really like to see this game be at the top with all gamers playing..

    I have a few suggestions that would help..

    Ideas for ships..
    I think there is more room to fit in new ships, interceptor update is apreciated was so happy to see it..
    Note: for these ships to be implemented it's better to introduce a new colour slot.

    Ship1:(Name:Toad/Jumper), The ship can look like a mechanical frog or anything with legs or boosters that gives it a lift off.. it can have three points (2 red)slot with three points (2 yellow) slot.. three/two points (2blue) slots.. it uses nitro to make high jumps overboost to make small jump but has in air time(stays in the air and moves for few secs, only cannons and missile can hurt it, is slow, easy target for sniper and rail gun).

    Ship2:(Diver/plunger/hover), This ship can look like a black sphere or like a disk that hovers, uses two points (2/1red) slots, *{2points(2 black) slots}, two point (one yellow) slot, two point(one blue) slot. This ship hovers slightly above water, it uses nitro to make a big dive/swing under water and suddenly re surface elsewhere, uses overboost to slowly make the dive and resurface(is slow), when in water only torpedos and mines when resurfacing and damage it and cannons wen not so deep underwater using overboost, it cant use weapons/only torp.

    Ship3:(Ghost/Stealth), This ship uses *{three/four black points (three black)} two point(one/two yellow) slot, and one point(one blue) slot. This ship can look white/violet/orange , it can be formless-micmicks the form of the person nearby or it can look like a crystal of energy or it can look a tarantula/octopus. This ship uses nitro as a source of power to teleport(is ok since it does not use weapons) small radius or overboost to blend into it's surroundings almost like going invisible, it uses Tesla shield in a different way, the shield interferes with it's systems and allows it to phase through things, phasing(pass through things).

    Ideas for big events..
    Holding off events and tournaments is very important to make the game famous, a event so big that u can publish to invite people to play for the title king of battle bay.

    Event battle bay king: This event needs players to download a bigger map temporarily until the event is finished, This event uses 10/15vs 10/15 a battle Royale all are enemies no Ally, the player need to defeat the players to come up the leader board. Rewards are normal like coins and sugar, this is for fame and might. The top one becomes the king of the game and is posted as such everywhere froems to blogs to YouTube, all of the place rovio has access to, until the next contest, this cav happen once in three or six months can last up to a week, live feed in YouTube etc for audience, bet makers etc..

    Event destroy the boss: This event also needs to download the temporary map _update- players need to defeat a really strong high hp boss/bosses together, 10/20 players are allies. Uses gold and sugar to enter. Rewards with coins and sugar and pearls, or ship parts for new ships.

    Clan wars: this is not an event but more like clan battle, players in a clan after the battle for raffles is over need to battle it out on a big arena, the can battling can select the number of players playing, the lowest number will be given preference, but minimum is five, the leader clan stays at the top of the board. The raffles obtained can be used by the clan leader to buy major weapon to use in a clan battle, for example, a wide area napalm or nuke or random type sixth AI player, or hp draining/healing areas, lightning rain etc, players can donate raffle to clan., This will create more active players.

    Ideas for weapons..

    Gravity weapon(black slot): This weapon is a wide radius grenade range weapon, that pulls together all enemies/allies alike towards it's center, does no damage

    Poison: This weapon uses a wave similar to healing pulse to poison enemies, opponents affected hp is lost per second, wave is cresent like not spherical.

    Plunge:(black slot) (1point) this weapon can only be used on ship2, when the ship uses Tesla it phases, when it phases through the enemy ship after activating plunge it steals their hp into itself and wen it phases through an ally it heals them giving the ally some of it's own hp/life.

    Sound wave:(black slot) this attack does no damage it just disrupts the enemy, it makes their screen shake, annoys them, makes the radar go away temporarily, except the weapons sound enemy can hear anything.

    Void/portal:(black slot) the weapon opens a portal for ally or enemy to enter and come out in another random portal elsewhere, does no damage.

    Darkflies/dark snow:(black slot) This blast rains snow in a certain radius, that wen hit on enemy, the enemy's screen goes fully black, the map and enemy disappears goes dark, radar and how etc remains.

    Weapon enhanser: there can be a new type of perk on weapon that can change the nature of the weapon, for example the lightning perk on rail gun can remive it's rail gun form and give it two plug like look with lightning continuous(from quake 3 arena game) shooting that does damage x2x3x4 every second, can be laser beam also, same way a missile perk on battling gun can change it to shoot small missiles than cannons doing more damage with more reload time, or a light blue plasma to replace exp cannons blast that has more radius and blue flames left out, these perks can be called enhansers that change the very nature of weapons.

    New maps: The existing g maps can be replaced with new ones once in a while to keep players excited, light night map, fully dark with all ships having light/headlights.. would be really cool, or a map with snowing weather, a rainy map, alien map etc, lots of lots of ideas(too lazy to type em all)

    *Black slot: This is slot that uses black weapons which does no damage or very little damage.

    All of these ideas above are completely free to use. No conditions apply.

    (ARJUN TS.)
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  2. Flint

    Flint Well-Known Member

    1 Oct 2017
    Hey Arjun,

    I see several ideas which I like a lot and I hope the Devs will take a serious look at your suggestions, because it would make the game more exciting and fun.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

    Last edited: 29 Oct 2018
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  3. BBSC - NightmareKnight

    BBSC - NightmareKnight Member

    31 Oct 2018
    if battle bay had a giving and trading system as well as more weapons, ships, and more weapon types like nightmare weapons/
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  4. VincentP

    VincentP Member

    15 Nov 2017
    I think someone played too much Wow and really likes black things, lol
    Nevertheless, I liked weapons and maps ideas. Mostly the poison pulse, and the hp drain
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  5. Agile Vanguard

    Agile Vanguard Well-Known Member

    8 Apr 2018
    Random Battle Bay player and tuber.
    In a land far far away...
    More avertisment on tv, youtube, app store, ect.
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  6. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    Yes... introduction of two new boats is a good reason to bump up advertising. The game relies on massive amounts of players, not a few whales.
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  7. Winter Chicken

    Winter Chicken Active Member

    4 May 2018
    Yeah, I think rovio has some good marketing options rn. Now that they made the game way more friendly toward beginners, I think that some ads would go a long way.
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  8. Fish

    Fish Well-Known Member

    31 Aug 2017
    I think they just need some catch commercials. Famous people promoting it, funny cartoons with the BB crew as the stars. I’m sure I’ve seen something like this before for a wildly successful game. Something to do with wizards and guys riding on hogs.

    The game itself will have a high retention rate of people who try it (kept us after all). Just need to get the name out there and stand out from the crowd of thousands of other games.
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  9. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    Yes... this is why so many people started at global launch, and are still around. Another good marketing push could pave the way for another year's worth of players.

    HELLRAZOR Well-Known Member

    9 Apr 2017
    The Biggest Island on Earth
    Design your own money making machine..... Easy !
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  11. Scourge Argaen

    Scourge Argaen Well-Known Member

    9 May 2017
    United Kingdom
    I'd like to think something will be done to promote it. The playerbase in comparison to say Angry Birds 2 is about 8-10% of the size according to worldwide galaxy gamer data (I don't believe this includes iPhone / iPad players in the numbers but I suspect it would be similar).

    Doesn't seem as though Rovio are investing into this arm much hence the Dev team charging high prices to keep the game funded and alive.
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  12. What's Up Player

    What's Up Player Well-Known Member

    24 Jun 2017
    You're too late for the party bro...
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