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Loadout Suggestion for MK4 Shooter

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by SatanDevourer007, 10 Feb 2018.

  1. SatanDevourer007

    SatanDevourer007 New Member

    10 Feb 2018

    Need Suggestions for my MK4 Shooter .
    I'm not good with area damage weapons so point damage loadout would be appreciated.

    Current Infamy - 550, seem to stuck b/w 550 and 650, can't go up and i don't play that bad.

    Current Loadout - 2 * Sniper cannon ; 1 Big torpedo ; 1 explosive cannon ; 1 big shield and a Bandage.

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  2. Rainbow Warrior

    Rainbow Warrior Well-Known Member

    26 Sep 2017
    I'd take the bandage out until you get to mk4 and equip a turbo :D replacing your explosive for a fire bomb would provide you some versality, eventually. You'll learn how to use It...
  3. Aether_Zero

    Aether_Zero Well-Known Member

    6 Feb 2018
    If I'm playing shooter on my mk4, I'll run the following - double blast cannons, ex cannon, firebomb, big shield and turbo. Not the fastest ship in the bay, or the most powerful, but I get by
  4. Axios

    Axios New Member

    11 Oct 2017
    I ranked up to 1000 infamy with cannon, sniper cannon, railgun, firebomb
    Blue slots: big shield and turbo.
    In my experience turbo >>>> bandage
  5. Snapshot

    Snapshot Well-Known Member

    4 Dec 2017
    My M4 loadout

    Standard Cannon: For close range DPS and nailing little speeders
    Exploding Cannon: Mid-range punch
    Sniper Cannon: Long range punch... and nailing those little speeders
    Long Range Mortar: Gives me some additional long-range throw weight.
    Turbo: Because speed makes you hard to hit.
    Big Shield: Who doesn't like HP?
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  6. fragglelator

    fragglelator Active Member

    30 Sep 2017
    This is almost exactly the same as my loadout. The only difference is that I have Big Bertha instead of the Long Range Mortar.

    Alternative loadouts:-
    Swift Torp instead of Standard Cannon
    Tri Torp instead of Big Bertha
  7. AdmiralChris

    AdmiralChris New Member

    2 Feb 2018
    I'm at 1200 at mk 4. Build for shooter. Blast cannon (for destroying anything close enough). Ex cannon (same thing). Berta ( for killing multiple unfriends at once). Cannon (for consist dmg). Big shield(hphphphp) and turbo( speed is key).
  8. Snapshot

    Snapshot Well-Known Member

    4 Dec 2017
    Standard Cannon: Awesome short and mid-range DPS. Great for popping speeders.
    Ex Cannon: Sometimes you just need a little extra punch. I used both blast and Ex depending on what did the most damage at the moment. This was great for an assassination where burst damage is key.
    Sniper Cannon: Excellent damage at all ranges and great for popping speeders.
    Long Range Mortar: Adds to long-range throw weight for those annoying missile/mortar fests at the beginning of each battle.

    I suspect what you'll find, however, is that the shooter isn't capable of this sort of play... at least not at mid-infamies. I finally gave up and went to a speeder and it suits me (and DD weapons) so much better. On a speeder you are not defenseless even when you are in direct line of sight of all 5 unfriends.

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