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LF Advice from experienced Fixers..

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Skunkape, 11 Feb 2019.

  1. Skunkape

    Skunkape New Member

    28 Nov 2017
    I’ve played battle bay for a bit now, but never much with fixer. I was starting to practice recently in casual mode. I repspect the class so much and I’m finding it’s really difficult to play. Any advice for someone that is new to the class? What green items are the best? Any that you double up on? Any Must haves for the red, yellow and blue slots? So far I’m having difficulty switching from healing friends and attacking unfriends. Thanks in Advance!
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  2. ChickenSurprise

    ChickenSurprise Active Member

    13 May 2017
    Healing you up
    Hey hey, good choice trying out fixer. I think there are some guides in the forum but in a nutshell:

    Fixer is mainly a support ship where your strength lies in healing teammates and keeping them floating. Fixer can be a bit tricky cause you need to keep track of items, positioning and other things.
    Item wise your greens depend on the way you want to heal. repair bolt is a great long range but single item, duck tape is great at keeping yourself afloat, repair pulse is a solid but short range option and the repair box can be used to store heals. Most fixers run double repair pulses and repair bolt cause its versatile but it depends on your play style.
    Turbo and standard shield is pretty much the best for blues. You can use an OB to travel long distances to your team but a low CD nitro can also do that and let you dodge.
    Weapons depend on what you have but the popular options are sniper, napalm, mine, ex cannon or blast. Something reliable or for crowd control,not mortars though.

    Prioritise healing, stick with your team and don't rush in. A dead fixer provide no heals. If you struggle who to give heals you should see who is in the front line, who has the lowest health or if you have the range to heal multiple ships.
    Replays of you playing fixer would be helpful.
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  3. jfcliche

    jfcliche Member

    21 Sep 2017
    First off, kudos for getting out of your comfort zone and trying new stuff. That's how you become a better, more complete player.
    I remember when I started playing fixer I felt a bit overwhelmed because you suddenly have to manage so much more than your own position (relative to the others) and health. You have to pay attention to all of your teammates health, your opponents position because they are likely to focus fire on you, where are those damn unfriend speeders, where you can take cover, is it worth waiting 2-3 seconds before starting your pulse so that you heal more than one player, and so on. You'll get used to it, it's a matter of practice.
    Otherwise, like ChickenSurprise said, it is important to understand that your first role isn't to do damage, but to repair. If you can chip in a few thousand dmg, fine, but that's a bonus. Priority number 1 should go to fixing, and when your green items are cooling off, then you can fire your weapons. Priority number 1a : stay alive, which means stay behind and out of range/sight as much as you can. An OB can help you move around quickly, which will limit the amount of time you spend "out in the open". Also useful when your team scatters around.
    Personally, I usually equip a napalm launcher : very useful to split the other team (so they don't focus fire on you) or prevent shots from a certain location (then you don't have to worry about that spot for a while and the rest becomes simpler and easier to manage). My other weapon is either carronade (good against speeders) or mine (also good against speeders). Because yes, these little yellow boats will become an obsession of yours now. ;-)
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  4. Skunkape

    Skunkape New Member

    28 Nov 2017
    Thank you guys for sharing! I did notice that by concentrating on healing, I hardly get a chance to fire my weapons anyway. I was using mines and cannon, but I’ll swicth the cannon for napalm. Also, had nitro on but OB seems to be easier to manage. Great advice, I appreciate it!
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