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Just as behumble said...

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Bradley Thorinsson, 23 Oct 2017.

  1. Bradley Thorinsson

    Bradley Thorinsson Well-Known Member

    1 Oct 2017
    It shall be known
    To the far corners of Battle Bay
    From the Crude Awakenings to Chill Zone
    To the far reaches of Sub Zero.

    Upon the tides of the treacherous sea
    Upon you will surely see...
    ....A boat of great ability
    And upon his brow shall be written
    "Tis' I Ceejay, Power-smitten"

    His name shall be sung
    In songs of the deep
    To the corners of the bay
    To the depths of the sea

    (behumble's idea) :p
    P.S post ALL your Ceejay Battles here, let it be known upon the forum how GREAT our RNG • Ceejay is :p ( videos or screenshots)

    Last edited: 24 Oct 2017

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