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Interceptor Guide by MyLightB4Sunrise

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by TheAntiSnipe, 8 Mar 2020.

  1. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    Well, I'm just gonna awkwardly stand here~
    The video (MyLightB4Sunrise audio-narrates it, it's the best thing ever):

    How to Interceptor Guide!
    By: MyLightB4Sunrise


    Hey everyone, I am MyLightB4Sunrise! This is a guide which will cover everything you need to know to play the interceptor effectively! Before we continue into that, let’s have a quick rundown of the interceptor.


    The interceptor is a ship with a composure of offense, speed and health. It ship slots contain 6RRRR 1Y 4BBB slot points. To purchase and level up your interceptor, you must purchase interceptor pieces using coins from the events. You will progressively find that each time you level up your interceptor, you’ll need more pieces than the previous upgrade. The positive of this is that you only are required to play events if you want to level up your interceptor, without the heavy expense of gold. We will cover three main pointers in this video which can improve your effectiveness.

    1. Firstly, we will look at different loadouts which i use

    2. Next, we will look at fleeting recommendations

    3. And I will analyse play style by playing live ranked gameplays to show you how you should play!

    Hopefully you take something away from this guide.


    Loadouts are going to be the most crucial decisions you make before you head into battle. There are many loadouts which I use, although this is dependent on which types of ship are in the battle. The player pool in ranked is quite low in Nightmare League 1, so the judgement here is that you will be facing the same players in the same ships if they don’t change. So each one of these setups is situational to counter that. Here are the various loadouts I use.

    1. Grenade + Grenade + Railgun + Missiles

    This loadout is effective since it cycles pretty efficiently with global cooldown timers and additionally does heavy damage over a quick span of time. I use this loadout most of the time while I'm playing ranked. The only downside with this setup, without your legendary grenade perks, the range feels restricting in some situations.


    2.Sniper + Grenade + Railgun + Missiles

    In this loadout, I swap one of my grenades for the sniper. This loadout is more effective when there is one fixer on the enemy team and/or if there are many mines on the enemy team. The strategy here is to poke from afar with sniper crits, railgun shots and missiles, thus keeping your ground and enabling your capabilities in doing damage from long distances. Though without your second grenade, you’ll feel your damage is quite inconsistent because the sniper doesn’t always crit.


    3. Grenade + Mine + Railgun + Missiles

    This setup only serves purpose for map control, or annihilating those annoying speeders from time to time. If your objective is usually to control the capture zone or where the enemy team is going, then this is the right setup for you. Run a mix of cooldown, range and damage, mines will give a real challenge for the enemy team if you place them in the right spots.


    4. Grenade + Swift Torpedo + Railgun + Missiles

    Hate those annoying guardians? Well sometimes you need to lose your way to find your way and that’s what this setup precisely does. With a fast reloading swift torpedo, you can do slight damage to guardians without sucking up to their infuriating defense walls, or you could use it for quick damage overtime. It works either way, plus it's easy to hit!


    5. Grenade + Grenade + Big Torpedo + Railgun

    Pretty new setup here, sometimes i feel that i just can’t do enough to damage three fixer teams clumped together with a shooter or two with those invulnerability bubble perks. Well, here’s the solution to your problem because hit a big torpedo up from down under and they'll scatter. Add fuel to the fire with a wildfire torpedo perk for an extra crisp no matter if they take less splash damage or not, giving them a few seconds exposed to extra cannon damage. Probably one of the more difficult loadouts i’ve used in ranked, guess you could say it's high risk, high reward.



    I have kept nitro, turbo, big shield and small shield consistent in each loadout. Nitro is self explanatory as all the other yellow items are obsolete, while the three blue items will be highlighted in the next section.

    Going forward, don’t worry too much if your talents or weapons specifically aren’t fully maxed. These loadouts still effectively work if you’re lower level, you just need to focus on developing these specific weapons in order to maximise their potential. Additionally, you will need to learn how to use your weapons properly so while you’re training your gear in the long run, you’d get a chance to do that. Even if you have strong weapons doesn’t mean you can utilise them fully.

    Fleeting Recommendations

    To fully play interceptor, the most optimal fleeting option is that you should find yourself a trustworthy fixer who’ll keep giving you love and heals. By having a fixer, this allows you to equip two shields instead of a bandage and allows you to tank and soak more and make yourself more difficult to kill than you already are.

    Before you start entering ranked with interceptor, Having around a range of 9k-10k health with two shields is preferred because you’re better having more HP especially if you have a fixer on your team. Just know when around 4k-5k HP is when you’re about to hit critical levels of HP so be a lot mindful about that and retreat for heals whenever possible. You can die really easily so you need to escape without hesitation.

    Other than that, if you’re playing without a fixer, i’d say the next best option is to play with a speeder. With your nitro, you can capitalise on the speeder’s distraction and hit anyone freely without the risk of being targeted yourself.

    Play style
    Your playstyle is going to depend on three things:

    1. The map
    2. Your loadout
    3. Both your enemy and your team’s composition

    You will need to make very worthwhile decisions in battle and sometimes it can be hard because you’re sort of in the moment.
    Usually the first thing you would do is contest for capture because it is an immediate objective to win. If your team stalls out until the end of the game then at least 1% capture will take the game.
    Otherwise, you would be poking your enemy from a distance without having yourself caught out. You need to play patiently, and you need to wait for any opportunity you get to kill anyone.

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