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Improve your servers Rovio...

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by fR0x, 15 Jun 2018.

  1. fR0x

    fR0x New Member

    15 Jun 2018
    The title says by itself, but I'll try to make it clear: there aren't only North American players!

    I play a lot of other online games and my ping never goes above 85~100ms (the standard usually is 35~60), and on Battle Bay it is ALWAYS above 165ms, so you can't say it's only my conection.
    How can you try to get in the "mobile competitive scene" if you don't make it fair for others parts of the globe to play the game equally?

    I really love this game, but it's totally unfair to play against (or with) somebody that don't need to care about constant lags, just the gameplay.

    This is my first post here, sorry if I seem a little rude, but i'm pretty sure that there's much more people with the same thoughts...
    And please forgive me if i made some mistakes on the text, english isn't my first language.

    Have a good day,
  2. Jamesnyc

    Jamesnyc Active Member

    22 Nov 2017
    Systems admin
    Sry dude, my ping comes in at 13 or 14

    In NYC playing on an S7

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