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Idea in combat

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Jorge gutierrez, 10 Jan 2019.

  1. Jorge gutierrez

    Jorge gutierrez New Member

    14 Oct 2017
    I wish there were traps. It would also be very good if a projectile hits the walls and collapses causing damage to the enemy that is under the rubble.
    I do not like at all the new mode of training of crew skills that by the way they disappeared leaving pure weapons. It becomes very difficult to pass the level
  2. Redneck Messiah

    Redneck Messiah Well-Known Member

    28 Oct 2018
    Damage Depot
    Sir, are you aware of the existence of mines and napalm?
    And I think the new system is a whole lot better. It allows for more diversity, rather than being forced to choose between several items, of which you may want to use multiple.
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