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HP and speed for everyone

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by PastelPiku, 14 Mar 2018.



  1. Yes

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  1. PastelPiku

    PastelPiku Well-Known Member

    27 Jan 2018
    Alright, this is basically a revision of my old thread about shields being too popular. We've tried buffing unpopular items like gear lubes and rudders in the past, and yet there isn't much change in the meta. What's the problem? It's rather simple. The shields and turbos are op. Come on, guys, how often do people even consider not using a turbo and shield? All ships need an hp buff, especially defenders, and shields need to be nerfed. They also all need a speed buff, and turbos need a nerf. A speeder should feel that using a turbo and rudder is viable. Or maybe just a shield and rudder if they're fast enough with overboost. The buff to the base stats and nerf to the items should reduce the desperate reliance on said items, and would definitely encourage more variety. It would also make farming a ton of shields for a defender less of a struggle due to the boost in base hp.

    - The Saviours
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