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How to deal with mortar spammers?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Anonim23, 5 Mar 2019.

  1. Anonim23

    Anonim23 Member

    12 Jan 2019
    Mortar spamming is the main reason I started to learn how to play speeder. When I play shooter (or other slow boat) I keep getting killed by this kind of players. They just fire 4-5 mortar shots in a row, so if I dodge the first one I walk right into the second one and so on. It seems impossible to dodge their shots. I recently lost a lot of matches because of this. I can't seem to figure any way to deal with them besides changing my boat. When I watch the post battle screen I see a lot of shooters with 4-5 mortar type weapons. Usually this kind of players stay in the back and keep spamming mortars the whole match and I can't get close enough to kill them with my shooter. On the other hand it's so satisfying when I play speeder and watch them helplessly trying to run away from me because they can't attack me with their mortars. Has anyone encountered this problem? Can someone please give me some advice on how to deal with these guys with a shooter or other slow boat?
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  2. GraveDragon

    GraveDragon Active Member

    25 Oct 2018
    Try curving out of the mortar's splash area. Instead of going straight through the circle. I don't know how else should i explain it but i hope you get the idea
  3. benguin8

    benguin8 Well-Known Member

    13 Jul 2017
    First tip. Don't be the lead! The first ship spotted is a huge target. Let the yellow boats put their neck out there and spot enemies. That's what they are good at! Then use this advantage to place yourself. Always watch all of your team's positions.

    2nd tip. Constantly be moving. If you stop, it is hard to get back any momentum. Even if you think you are safe keep your ship moving always. A moving target is harder to hit.

    3rd tip. Beat them at their own game. Always have something to hit them from afar. Sniper is good, or torps. Mortar with extra range. Use your commands to rally your team to help. "Attack ship x" helps to minimize the beating you are getting. They should press the enemy to draw attention away from you.

    4th tip. Have a maxed turbo. If you don't already, it will help you stay a little ahead.

    5th. MOAR hp. Level your shields, use hp perks etc. Bandages work well to help you regroup, but not if you are taking 4 hits. Stick near defenders and guardians so they can use teal weapons to take the edge off those hits. Or near a fixer so he can help you through it.

    As I understand it, the higher your infamy the less you have to worry about this since mortars become less viable. Good luck.
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  4. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    Excellent tips, Benguin!
    Also, if you look closely, quite a few maps have "No Mortar Zones"(like the tunnels on Foundry, or the capture zone in Damage Depot, or the plane chassis in Crude Awakenings).

    Rule of thumb: If the area looks shaded(covered), it will be a no-mortar zone. There are even posters saying No Mortar zone at some of these places.

    You can do two things wjen you get to these zones:
    • You can keep popping in and out of cover (but still stay in the no-mortar zone) and shooting the opponents with your non-arc weapons(non-mortar weapons like cannons)
    • You can "bait" an unsuspecting mortar spammer into one of the no-mortar zones, and watch them burn ;)
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  5. Anonim23

    Anonim23 Member

    12 Jan 2019
    Thanks for the tips.
    benguin8 Tip #3: I am horrible at using torpedos. I can barely hit anything from close range with triple torp so using torps at long range seems impossible. I stand a better chance at getting bull's-eye bonus with big bertha against a speeder while I'm blindfolded.
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  6. Ser Tomaz

    Ser Tomaz Active Member

    24 Dec 2017
    - moving unpredictably
    - do not climb to high wave if u r getting spamed, u may get stucked
    - take cover
    - use control weapons: napalm to take away their angle or push em to u
    all i could think of atm
  7. Uerguy

    Uerguy Well-Known Member

    23 Jul 2017
    Shooting torps and cannons.
    nowhere in particular
    Heh... Torps. My favorite weapons.
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  8. Earel

    Earel Active Member

    24 Jun 2017
    I wanna add one tips > Start play with some or mortar too, U will learn places where mortar cover and where no )
    U will easy remember this placement and use it while playing, it's called tactic )
    I also use 2 bp in my shooter for tactical fight and poke-kite damage, work well.

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