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Help,im just a poor ytuber,and i need u

Discussion in 'The World of Battle Bay' started by Capitan Defender, 19 May 2018.

  1. Capitan Defender

    Capitan Defender Well-Known Member

    3 Mar 2018
    defender's heaven fields
    In a galaxy far far away called Bulgaria
    Hello there comrade...u may know me as that "matchmaking/make def great again"nuistance
    No worries i quit protestin...is pointless...anyways...i...capitan defender needs you,to help me grow my YT channel(yes i fo have it)is been months and barely 50 subs...wich is still cool...but i need more...plus i work so hard for making good quality vids for my precious viewers...so please...if you want to make me happy...sub or just look at my meemy content

    Da link to me channel...i hope u will enjoy my content if you want to...
    And we will see u in de next battle...farewell,and dont let the lemon boat get behind ya!
  2. Nam_Nam

    Nam_Nam Active Member

    8 Jan 2018

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