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Guide for new players by Nimzor

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by TheFixer27, 25 Feb 2018.

  1. TheFixer27

    TheFixer27 Well-Known Member

    6 Sep 2017
    A boat
    My phone
    I'm not the original writer of this thing this thing is @Nimzor 's guide

    Step 1: Pick your boat:
    Out of the 5 boats, pick either Shooter, Speeder or Fixer. Defender and Enforcer are a bit weak early on, (although they get better later). Choose based on your preferred style.Shooter if you want lots of guns and want to be continously firing. Speeder to harass and pick off stragglers by running circles around them in 1on1 duels. Fixer if you are crap at shooting and wanna heal people. Shooter is probably the best choice since you get tons of rare red item pieces which you can combine into rare weapons.

    Step 2: Decide on a build
    Check the global leaderboard and see what the top players are using, once you found something you like, grind out the gold and purchase all the uncommon gear for your build. This way if you pick up any duplicates you will be able to make them evolution 2. Hold off opening any quest boxes untill you purchased everything, since you might get lucky and get a duplicate straight away. Plus with the new weapon achievements you can get evolution 2 real easy since they give you an uncommon of the weapon, and then it wont be long before you get the rare then epic. You might want to hold off redeeming the rare version of your weapon if you dont already have a copy of it since once your gold limit is over 750,000 you can just outright buy a copy from the item shop (provided you dont already own it). After you have bought it from the shop then redeem it from the achievements page and boom you got an evolution 2 rare ready to go.

    Don't try to build multiple boats which require lots of different items as it will take a lifetime to upgrade everything. If your multiple boats plan on using the same gear, then its fine. Its fine if you want to experiment abit since uncommon materials are plentiful, but once you start getting your rare and epic gear, those materials needed to upgrade them are not be wasted on frivolous experimentation. Obviously if you pick up a sweet epic that's not part of your plan but way more powerful than what you have equipped, use it untill you find the stuff you actually want.

    Step 3: Find a guild
    With guilds you get to complete quests which grant raffle tickets which can use to win all kinds of useful things. look for guilds with lots of players and see how many rivalry trophies they have won or come 2nd in (shows they are more active at completing quests if the number is high; normally). More quests completed, more goodies for you.

    Step 4: Learn to shoot
    I know the game locks on for you, but if you wanna dominate, then you gotta learn how to adjust the aim yourself so you can hit moving targets more consistently. I cannot stress how important this is. Once you got it down, your damage will sky rocket and you will feel like a beast.

    Step 5: Grind, Grind, Grind.
    You'll need Sugar to train your crew and upgrade your gear, so you gotta grind it out. Plan out your crew training so there is no wasted time. Always upgrade crew over gear since you need to increase your level so you can access the higher level MK boats which significantly buff your health. If you get to a too high of infamy where its just impossible to win by activaly taking part in the battle its ok to tank your infamy a little bit to get down to people more your level. You'll do more damage and win more which will help with your guild quests.
    Last edited: 27 Feb 2018
  2. Disguised

    Disguised Well-Known Member

    11 Jul 2017
    First of all, nice guide. But I have to disagree on one thing. You shouldn't look at the global leaderboards for a setup you like because some weapons only get good later on in-game and are pretty trash at the start of the game(like missiles, explosive cannon, carro, sniper(gets good mid game), etc.).
  3. Snapshot

    Snapshot Well-Known Member

    4 Dec 2017
    Good stuff. I agree with Disguised that you need to be careful when looking at late-game builds. Many of those weapons are horrible in the early game.

    I'd also point out that no matter how cool and shiny purple that epic you just got is, you are way better off to level greens up through captain level 20 or so, blues beyond that, and epics only get leveled when you have 4 of them.
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  4. Cryix

    Cryix Well-Known Member

    20 Sep 2017
    Change one thing in step 1...out of 7 boats....not 5 (interceptor and reaper are added to the game na) :)
  5. Guncaptain809

    Guncaptain809 Well-Known Member

    12 Nov 2018
    You can't pick those, also this thread is outdated and old, it's dead

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