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Guardian's Ultimate Guide ( Part 2 )

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Grand_Paladin, 1 Feb 2019.

  1. Grand_Paladin

    Grand_Paladin Active Member

    14 Feb 2018
    In part 1 we discussed the Guardian and the different teal items and gave some suggestions to make them better.
    Part 1) : https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/guardians-ultimate-guide-part-1.24260

    Part 2) Setups Suitable for the Guardian:
    The best setup for any ship usually depends on the playing style of each person, however in my opinion, a good setup should be balanced as much as possible and allow the ship to be able to react in different situations.
    For example if u r a shooter that's using all mortars or all cannons, i consider that a very bad setup ( unless you are coordinating with another player that u r fleeting with) ,the reason is :
    For all mortars: u cant effectively react if speeders got close to u.
    For all cannons: u r depending on luck and wishing that all battles will become direct combat.
    And generally to win more ( i.e. to climb in the ranked mode) u need to have a setup that's effective in as many situations as possible.
    Of course u cant reach a 100% balanced setup, there will be always some situations where u will find yourself in an disadvantageous situation, but u can try to reduce the effect of that weakness to some extent if u r using a balanced setup and using the right tactics ( i will talk about tactics in a later part).
    For example:
    1) Defender is slow: if a fast ship kept running u cant react, thats a weakness , but u can reduce the effect of it a bit by using some long range weapon, with a high speed projectiles.
    2) u play speeder and u keep hitting mines: use a grenade instead of flare gun, grenade allows u to see the surface from above, which will help u a bit with avoiding mines, since u can see from behind waves.

    In the previous 2 examples, we tried to use some items to counter
    1) a certain type of ships.
    2) counter another item.
    Of course the skill is important factor too, but using some items reduces the disadvantage u have in certain situations. And some setups reduces the disadvantage that certain ships have against certain other ships with certain setups. So in most cases if 2 players are playing against eachother in 1v1 ( assuming there's no huge gap in skill between them), the type of ship and the setup that each one of them is using, is actually what determines who is going to win. However in a 5v5 battle u dont actually know who u are playing against , could be 5 speeders,, or 5 shooters , or 5 guardians. So u need to be prepared for the worst scenarios ( hope for the best but prepare for the worst ).

    Now to choose the best setup for the Guardian we have to consider different factors:

    1) ship got only 2 weapons:
    Meaning u need to use weapons with high dps and low cd ( like: Blast cannon, flare gun, grenade and unlike: railgun).
    2) ship got strong walls , so people will try to hit u from inside it:
    So u need at least 1 item that could be fired at very close range as well ( like: Cannons and unlike: missiles ).
    3) since the walls are strong other playes will try to use torps against you, since they go through the wall:
    So will need to use an item that helps u to see from behind waves ( like: missiles and grenade and unlike : flare gun and cannons)
    4) ship got a good survivability at the moment:
    Basically because many players are too reliant on cannons and some might ignore u because of the walls, so using a bandage is a good idea.
    5) in order to fill the role of the ship and absorb the damge while giving teammates more chance to concentrate more on applying damage while caring less about being targeted u need to get close , but not too close!!:
    So u need to use items that allow u to get close and attack while using the corners and waves as a cover sometimes ( like grenade and swift torpedo, and unlike: railgun ).
    6) something to counter tesla shields and wall:
    So u need an item that goes through them or still do dmg even if the wall or the shield is up by adjusting the angle ( like: swift torp or grenade, and unlike: cannons).
    7) a weapon with a good damage per hit:
    Its also important to consider the damage per hit ( like: Explosive cannon or blast cannon and unlike: gatling gun) , because while some weapons like the gatling gun for example have good dps, but u still need a weapon that deals a good damage per hit in case a chance appeared to take an opponent down . And in similar situations u dont really have much time for multiple shots with small damage each. Otherwise the opponent will heal , escape or kill u 1st if u both have low health in a close combat. And in many cases ,winning or losing a battle depends on ur ability to land a good shot with good damage at similar situations.

    Now considering all these factors u should be able to find the best setup for u , even if new weapons appeared. For me personally at the moment i think that Grenade + Blast cannon is the best option, however this might be different for u, most important thing while figuring out the best setup for u is to try to consider the previous factors as possible as u can. There's no one answer here.
    However in 1v1 the flare gun + Ec/ Bc combo could be the best option, but for 5 v5 things could be different since u have to take many things into consideration.
    The game needs more 2 slot point weapons that are suitable for indirect close combat like grenade.
    Part 3) different tactics for playing the ship:
    ______________________ to be continued
    Last edited: 2 Feb 2019
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  2. Guncaptain809

    Guncaptain809 Well-Known Member

    12 Nov 2018
    The “u”s instead of “you”s hurt my brain, but nice post.
  3. Djradnad

    Djradnad Well-Known Member

    11 May 2017
    Or “rule” instead of “role” lol

    Another Very good post by grand paladin, looking forward to part 3!

    RACK STAR Member

    17 Oct 2018
    Agreed with above post @Grand_Paladin
    Well thought out. Grenade seems to be the natural guardian friend. Although it has a bug. Sometimes your shield wall goes up ..then you fire your grenade. And Your wall blocks Your own grenade shot. Literally Your grenade will get blocked by your own shield. The shield is also stopping friendly teammates grenades from passing thru as well. This is a coding bug. I habe had guild members fleet with me and attest to this. U can play some customs and test it out. I have also sent an example game to Shocky and devs to show it in action.

    And completely agree with there needing to be more 2 slot weapons. The same issue that affect defender here ...effect guardian and speeders. Limited choices. None really suitable for close range tactics.

    Last thought,
    I might in the future just try 2 x grenade. Like a tribute to old player Peelah.

    Rack Star out
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  5. Guncaptain809

    Guncaptain809 Well-Known Member

    12 Nov 2018
    There IS some old data for a shotgun in the games files, which is likely a 2 slot carronade equivalent, but it will probably be left unused.
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  6. Djradnad

    Djradnad Well-Known Member

    11 May 2017
    Can confirm. Really want the shotgun.
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  7. Prime Lightning

    Prime Lightning Member

    21 May 2018
    Here’s a replay of one of the best battles I’ve had with Guardian. The fixer did a really nice job of staying behind the wall, and we were able to turn a defeat into a victory......

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