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Get rid of power cells

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Shekelsteen, 13 Apr 2017.

  1. Shekelsteen

    Shekelsteen New Member

    12 Apr 2017
    There is really no reason for them to exist besides from stopping you to level up for an insufferable amount of time.

    This problem is especially relevant with rare items, which you almost never get in any useful amount. If you want to level these you are limited by the amount of blue scrap it takes. Leveling them up takes far longer than before since you can't use any other items or other scrap, especially of lower quality if you want to.

    But aside from constantly not having enough scrap and wasting all your money on it, you now have to get power cells you can not buy, that almost never droo(rare, epic and legendary) and that can not be acquired other than by a) evolving an uncommon item to Evo 3 and scrapping it(massive sugar loss) or scrapping rare items that only come out of blue crates. Of those you can get 3 in a week and scrapping rares doesn't net you substantial amounts of blue power cells.

    Also you have to scrap several items to get enough cells to evolve your item.

    Paying for these is an absolute no go, since you would pay massive amounts of money just for the chance of getting more power cells, not to actually get them.

    Why are they even in this game, other to prolong the entire leveling process and demotivating people to a point where they don't even care?

    Before the update we could use every item to level up other items we liked. Now we have to get power cells we only get by scrapping rares.

    The new system is so terrible for the players, to the point I don't think it actually increased your sales permanently.
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  2. HeroicBubbles

    HeroicBubbles Active Member

    8 Apr 2017
    I agree. I don't understand their inclusion in the game and really they just complicate the leveling process for no reason. They are basically another parts system that is superfluous. They can just adjust the amount and rarity of parts to make the leveling process take whatever time they want without the need for power cells.

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